Paris wedding

Get married in Paris, in French Riviera or a Chateau

Getting married in Paris, a Chateau, or the French Riviera all sound like dreamy options! Each location has its own charm and unique characteristics.

Let’s start with Paris. Pros include the romantic ambiance, iconic landmarks as a backdrop, and a wide range of luxurious venues. The city itself is a symbol of love, making it an ideal choice for a romantic or fun celebration . You can avoid the crowd choosing the right period and locations.

Choosing a Chateau for your ceremon adds a fairytale touch. Pros include the enchanting settings, beautiful gardens, and the sense of history. It offers a more private and intimate atmosphere compared to a bustling city. On the downside, organizing a wedding in a Chateau might involve more logistical challenges, and it could be more expensive. A good choice for a big wedding with more than 50 people.

The French Riviera, with its stunning beaches and glamorous resorts, is another fantastic option. Pros include the picturesque scenery, perfect weather, and a mix of beach and luxury. However, it can be very casual for some couples for an elopement, and high-season prices could be a concern.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and priorities. Consider factors like the atmosphere you envision, budget constraints, and logistical ease depending on number of people. All three options offer a unique and memorable setting for your special day!

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17:55 10 Jan 24
I travelled to Paris for a romantic trip with my wife and thanks to Pierre my trip was great! Not only Pierre is the CEO of Love Gracefully but he is also a true Parisian as he was born in Paris. I wanted to take my wife to Girafe restaurant where it’s impossible to reserve a table. But thanks to Pierre’ network, I was able to get a great table at that restaurant: he has great connections… I had the opportunity to talk to Pierre many times and I can witness that he is a man of his words: reliable, honest, open minded and very dedicated to make people happy! Not only that but he has a great spirit and a french personality that makes him all that special. If you travel to Paris and do not meet with Pierre, you’ll miss out!
Lai SaeternLai Saetern
00:08 27 Dec 23
This is a long overdue review for our small wedding/elopement ceremony in Eze, France in August 2023. First and foremost, thank you so much to Love Gracefully, especially our wedding planner Jeremie. We decided on Eze, France as our wedding location and was blessed with Jeremie. From the very beginning he was there to help us along the way. Jeremie was quick and thoughtful with his responses. Any questions we had, Jeremie had the answers. Any recommendations, Jeremie had it. Any concerns, Jeremie reassured us. Coming from the States (California) we needed someone we could trust and rely on, he was definitely that person. Jeremie was also our photographer, and I tell you, the photos are BEAUTIFUL!! There are so many amazing couples pictures we still have not been able to choose which ones to frame. Only thing that caused a headache on our wedding day was my makeup artist being late. That pushed back the ceremony, making it feel rushed. We didn’t get that extra 20-30 mins to take family photos/ enjoy the scenery because the garden was closing. But that’s not Jeremie’s fault what so ever. Overall, we had an amazing experience and when we look back on that day, we remember the love and happiness we felt. If we could, we’d relive that day over and over. It can be nerve recking planning a wedding in another country but doing it with Love Gracefully was the best decision we made for ourselves. Your wedding day is about you both, and Love Gracefully will help to make sure of it! Thank you a million, and maybe we’ll even be back for a vow renewal. :)
Kara EllisonKara Ellison
00:00 13 Dec 23
My husband and I eloped to Nice, France in November. It was so smooth and stress-free, Jeremie was wonderful and great at communicating with us, and the photos are BEAUTIFUL!
Jennnifer HorwathJennnifer Horwath
22:08 08 Dec 23
Love Gracefully orchestrated our October sunset wedding on the beach in Monte Carlo, and we couldn't be happier. From flawless planning to a heartfelt ceremony, every detail was handled with expertise and care. The officiant crafted a personalized ceremony that captured our love story beautifully, making our day truly unforgettable. If you're seeking a wedding planner and officiant dedicated to creating magical, stress-free moments, Love Gracefully deserves five stars for their exceptional service. Furthermore, if you are looking in the French Rivera, Jeremie was not only extremely accommodating but made our day perfect! I don't remember our officiant's name, but he made our ceremony a time we will never forget, with fun and laughter, tears, special moments... we couldn't have asked for a better duo! Thank you both for making this day so special.
20:25 10 Oct 23
If I could give Love Gracefully 10 stars, I would!I want to start off how professional and amazing this company is, I put all my trust in it and they did not disappoint.Jeremie who was our wedding planner ad photographer was so friendly and always responded to my questions! He made our special day so easy and even from the very beginning he was so tentative! Their bundles are a reasonable price and its amazing you can add more onto it! They offer absolutely everything!Jeremie always put us first and guided us through the photo shoot. He captured such beautiful photos along with the videographer who also made us feel amazing! If I could I would keep going back to Love gracefully. I am beyond speechless!Jeremie even met us at air bnb to guide us and met with my MIL prior to us going to France, all I can say is JUST DO IT! the best wedding planner ever!
Amy RichardsAmy Richards
21:22 09 Oct 23
My fiance and I worked with Love Gracefully for our small wedding in Eze, France. It was nothing short of extraoridnary. From the first contact through the end of the ceremony we received prompt communication and quality service. Jeremie was a pleasure to work with and has delivered us some amazing photos to remember our day, rain or shine!We highly recommend Love Gracefully for anyone looking to have a beautiful, unique, and intimate ceremony 💕
Chanel SorensonChanel Sorenson
15:57 07 Oct 23
What a great experience! My husband and decided to get our wedding vows renewed in Venice. I looked at several places but after reading the reviews I decided to book with Love Gracefully. We had the opportunity to work with Paola and she did an amazing job with communication, arranging the transport to the location, flowers, the officiant and the photos! I was a little leery at first about sending a deposit overseas but Love Gracefully kept in contact through out the entire process which made me more comfortable. We were so pleased from start to finish. We highly recommend Love Gracefully and Paola!
Chris EllisChris Ellis
18:52 27 Aug 23
My wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in Rome with Francesca. It was AMAZING. She was so caring and honestly invested in our day. Our photographer and videographer were also fantastic. You can't go wrong with this group and Rome was the perfect spot for a ceremony.
Gianna DahanGianna Dahan
21:11 06 Aug 23
We had an amazing a perfect wedding just the two of us in Paris, France. Pierre was our officiant and Stephen was our photographer. The pictures came out amazing, we chose to do our ceremony first at 7:00pm and finished taking photos by 10:00pm. We took pictures at around 5 different historical locations. car service provided was top tier. Sunset is a great time of day to do the ceremony. I did my own hair and makeup, and my bouquet was delivered to our hotel earlier in the day. Would highly recommend this company and already have a friend who is going to book their wedding with love gracefully now as well. They did a great job at answering every single question in detail.

Why a Paris wedding?

Paris is not just a city; it’s a symbol of romance, elegance, and timeless love. Choosing Paris for your celebration adds a touch of magic that is hard to replicate elsewhere. Here’s why Paris stands out as an exceptional wedding destination:

  1. Romantic Ambiance: Paris is renowned as the City of Love, and for good reason. The charming streets, iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and the picturesque Seine River create a naturally romantic atmosphere that permeates every corner of the city.
  2. Iconic Backdrops: Imagine exchanging vows with the Eiffel Tower as your witness or capturing stunning photos against the backdrop of the Louvre or Notre-Dame Cathedral. Paris offers iconic and breathtaking settings that elevate the beauty of your ceremony.
  3. Cultural Richness: Paris is steeped in history, art, and culture. Getting married in a city with such a rich heritage adds depth and significance to your celebration. From historic venues to artistic influences, Paris provides a unique cultural experience.
  4. Culinary Delights: French cuisine is renowned worldwide, and Paris is a gastronomic paradise. Your event feast can be a culinary journey, treating your guests to exquisite French dishes and wines that will leave a lasting impression.
  5. Charming Venues: Paris boasts a variety of charming venues, from historic churches to elegant gardens and intimate bistros. Whether you dream of a classic wedding or a more unconventional celebration, Paris offers diverse options to suit your preferences.
  6. Effortless Elegance: There’s a natural elegance to Paris that effortlessly translates into weddings held in the city. The architecture, the fashion, and the overall style contribute to an atmosphere of sophistication and grace.
  7. Memories for a Lifetime: Paris provides a backdrop that ensures you will be etched in your memory forever. The romantic setting, combined with the cultural richness and stunning visuals, creates an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

In essence, Paris offers a perfect blend of romance, culture, and beauty, making it a standout choice for couples seeking a truly magical and unforgettable wedding experience.

a great moment with the couple under Bir Hakeim bridge in paris
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What you need for your Paris wedding?

It’s important you write your list of things to do. Also, it’s the beginning of your journey and a great pleasure to start to think and to realize your dream…
The different point of your list are:

  • wedding attire
  • wedding planner or not?
  • vendors
  • organisation
  • logistic, including drivers

We had a dedicated post for that, we propose you to know the list of essential for your Paris wedding

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How to organize a Paris wedding ?

Organizing a wedding in Paris can be a magical and memorable experience. Here are some steps to help you plan your dream wedding in the City of Love:

  1. Set a Budget:
    • Determine how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. This will guide your decisions throughout the planning process.
  2. Create a Guest List:
    • Make a list of the people you want to invite. The number of guests will impact your choice of venue and other aspects of the wedding.
  3. Choose a Date:
    • Select a date for your wedding. Keep in mind the weather, holidays, and any local events that may affect your plans.
  4. Select a Venue:
    • Paris offers a variety of stunning venues, from historical landmarks to charming gardens. Consider your budget, the number of guests, and the atmosphere you want for your wedding. Popular choices include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Gardens, or charming Parisian chateaus.
  5. Hire a Wedding Planner:
    • Consider hiring a local wedding planner who is familiar with Paris and can assist with logistics, language barriers, and local customs. They can also help you find reputable vendors.
  6. Legal Requirements:
    • Be aware of the legal requirements for getting married in France. There may be specific documentation and timelines to follow. Consult with local authorities or your wedding planner for guidance.
  7. Choose Vendors:
    • Select reputable vendors for catering, photography, flowers, and entertainment. Look for professionals who have experience with destination weddings and can communicate effectively in English if needed.
  8. Transportation and Accommodation:
    • Arrange transportation for you and your guests, and consider accommodation options for everyone attending. Ensure that your guests have information about transportation options in Paris.
  9. Design and Decor:
    • Work with a local florist and decorator to create the ambiance you desire. Consider Parisian-inspired themes and incorporate elements that reflect the city’s romantic charm.
  10. Plan Activities for Guests:
    • Since your wedding is in Paris, consider planning activities for your guests to enjoy the city. Suggest sightseeing tours, museums, or cultural experiences that they can participate in before or after the wedding.
  11. Invitations:
    • Design and send out invitations well in advance, especially if you have guests traveling from other countries.
  12. Backup Plan:
    • Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, especially if you plan an outdoor ceremony.

Remember to enjoy the process and savor the special moments in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Hiring local professionals and a wedding planner will make the process smoother and more enjoyable for you and your guests.

What should include your package ?

The perfection is in the details, that’s our motto.  We have build our paris wedding packages and options to cover what we think important for you.  Then some subjects are obvious like dress and attires others are not in your first list but you have to consider these:

Wedding planner

A real pro, with the skill and experienced about your destination and local habits

Paris photographer

Knowing well the city and able to manage the unplanned events, able also to answer your last minute questions


Who loves his/her job, who loves people and emotions and also able to customized your ceremony. It’s not about reading a text it’s all about emotion.

Then, for us it’s a very important topic and we have written about  this and we advise to read what should be included in a Paris wedding package.

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Your Paris wedding during Olympic game

The Olympic Games will take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024 and the Paralympic Games will take place from 28 August to 8 September. Then, it is important to plan the preparation around the different venues and to check the availability on site for your elopement. We have prepared a few informations about what we think as very important to know for you to plan your Elopement in paris during this great and memorable period.
Please read our advises for your Elopement in paris during Olympic game

Our pro tips

To make your wedding in Paris as perfect as possible, we gathered our tips in order to help you to think, to organize and .