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Andrea & Carlos destination wedding in Paris

You are adventurous but not too much? You want a destination wedding in Paris but you also want the traditional American church wedding?
Well, it’s possible if you do as Andrea and Carlos: they chose Paris as their destination wedding and they chose the American church in Paris to celebrate their wedding!

The American church offers everything you would want at home but in Paris. You’ll have an American Pastor leading the ceremony, all your interaction with the American church will be done in english, they will celebrate your Christian beliefs in the Christian tradition, you’ll have the possibility to ask for specifics thanks to a form that they will ask you to fill. It’s like home but in Paris!

During their wedding ceremony at the American church in Paris, Andrea & carlos asked the best man and the bridesmaid to speak. It was a very moving moment and we could only recommend that you do the same. After all, aren’t they the people you trust the most? Aren’t they the people who know you the best? Their job during a ceremony is to support you emotionally but also spiritually.

Also, I often remind them that their job does not end at the end of the ceremony. They will be there also in the future to remind you the commitment you made that day, in case you need it. They will be there in the future to celebrate the good times of your couple ( babies, etc.) but also to support you in case you need it. Life is full of surprises and every couples need to go thru life together. The best man and the bridesmaid are there to support you during the ceremony and after. Make sure to give them a good space during your ceremony.

The American church in Paris is more than a regular church. It’s an American church downtown Paris. It has a great organ, the pastor speaks great words of wisdom, you’ll share your vows inside that church but once you are out of the American church you see the Eiffel tower as it is just around the corner. So, you’ll have a double feeling; being at home while being in Paris. So, it’s a little piece of America downtown Paris. If you want a real home church wedding abroad, the American church in Paris is your spot!