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For a couple daydreaming of an elopement and avoiding the stress of planning a big expensive wedding at home, but who still want to celebrate their love in a unique and meaningful way, eloping in Paris is the perfect solution.

An elopement in Paris is also the perfect opportunity to plan a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to France or Europe as a fantastic honeymoon. You will save time and money and have more budget to splurge on you and your sweetheart. Of course you may already feel connected to Paris from a past vacation together or simply because you love its vibe and its values.

Eloping in Paris is a lifetime experience; let us create it for you.

The bride and groom posing in front of the Medicis Fountain in Paris


To design your perfect Paris elopement ceremony – one that fits you 100% – we always start from a blank page. At Love Gracefully, generic templates are prohibited. . We will take the time to learn your love story and values. We love this uniqueness, and feel it should play an important part in your Paris elopement. We love to create a brand-new celebration – every time.

As we’ve been organizing Paris elopements for the last 15 years, we know the best providers to meet your every need: photographers, make-up artists, florists, luxury cars… Our five Paris elopement packages will help you with an initial plan, but once you’ve booked we will work with you to tailor-make an experience that’s uniquely for you. This is all about you, and we will make it happen. Don’t hesitate to elope in Paris with Love Gracefully.

A walk along the river for the couple after the first look


During the last 15 years, we have organized hundreds of Paris elopements. Pierre, our founder, and celebrant, is a true Parisien and, infused by the romantic vibe of his city, decided to be the first to offer couples from all over the world the opportunity to elope in Paris.

He started this business and created our fantastic team of Paris wedding professionals who have live in the city long enough to discover the best secret spots for the ideal elopement ceremony and photo opportunities. And who only the engage the finest wedding contractors to make your elopement vision a gorgeous reality.

And naturally our team speak excellent English and will help you to navigate Parisian culture and make the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

bride and groom in the garden of the tuileries garden


These are free spots to elope in Paris, all are included in our packages.

Eloping in the Eiffel Tower


When thinking of a romantic, iconic building, the first image that comes to everyone’s  mind is the Eiffel Tower. Eloping in front of the Eiffel Tower is the epitome of romance, with the iconic landmark providing an enchanting backdrop for an intimate ceremony. The majestic iron structure, surrounded by the captivating Parisian skyline, exudes timeless elegance and stands as an icon of love.

Eloping in the Luxembourg Garden

Suppose you are looking for a more whimsical and regal elopement. In that case, eloping in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris offers a tranquil and picturesque setting, where the lush greenery, serene fountains, and charming pavilions create a dreamy atmosphere for a romantic exchange of vows. The Luxembourg Garden was initially created in the early 17th century as part of the Luxembourg Palace, built for Marie de Medici.

Other places to elope in Paris

Do you have other ideas for your Paris elopement? Let us know, and we will try to accommodate you. Remember that Paris is a busy capital city with many gorgeous spots all over, but not all that are suitable for a quiet intimate ceremony. But we can always use those spots for your after-pictures! Contact us and tell us about your idea. To have a very private wedding, the chapelle expiatoire is one of the best solutions.

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Eloping in Paris: the choice of Celebrities

The effortless glamour and charm of this city has attracted many people from all over the world to get married here, including celebrities who want to escape from the spotlight on this day that should only be about the two of you. Tony Gonzalez, the NFL star, and his wife, October, decided on a ceremony with Love Gracefully in front of the Eiffel Tower. Watch them describe their experience.

Your elopement and your beliefs

If you have specific beliefs you want acknowledged during the ceremony, we can include them, of course. For people who would like to elope in a Paris church for an extra fee we can organize a religious ceremony in the beautiful American Church in Paris. If you want a non-sacred chapel, the Chapelle Expiatoire can also be rented for an additional cost, and it can fit most spiritual ceremonies due to its neutral character. These two locations also work well if you plan to have guests with you. Ask for more details.

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Organize your elopement with  the most experienced planner in Paris.

With our Paris elopement packages and the support of our team you won’t feel intimidated , your special day will be like a breeze. Discover more!

The couple is over the Chateau de versailles garden.

Book your date and package

First, you need to decide on a date. Perhaps you have a significant day in mind, or just a window for a planned trip. No matter what you choose, book quickly! Love Gracefully’s Paris elopements get booked quickly, as it is our best-selling destination.

To book, simply choose a package and pay your deposit. Our five elopement packages in Paris are created to ensure you have all the basics for your ideal ceremony, but you can add extra details and personalize them once your date is secured.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us through the website contact page so that we can answer all your questions and explain anything you’re unsure of.

The couple posing with backlight early morning at Bir hakeim bridge

Personalize your wedding package.

So we’ve answered all your questions and you’re safely booked. Now you can start having fun! Let’s make your vision a reality. First of all, you will need to decide on the ceremony location in Paris. With some help, we will find the perfect place for you, considering the practicalities of the season and time you picked.

We’ll also offer you a host of options so you can personalize every detail included in your package or add some new ones to make it unique: flowers, luxury car, hair & makeup… Dream big –  this is a once-in-a-lifetime day!

Create your dream ceremony with us.

Your Paris elopement ceremony must speak about who you are and your love story. That’s why our celebrant will contact you in advance to get to know you better and ensure your day is only about the two of you. This way, they can build a script that inspires you and work with the coordinator to offer you the best ideas for this unique day.

Are you ready to plan an unforgettable elopement in Paris?

FAQ about eloping in Paris

Frequently asked questions

Check the most common questions our couples have before they decide to elope in Paris. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Our Paris elopement ceremonies are totally personalised. They can either be religious, spiritual or none of the above. They are designed to meet your particular beliefs. Any God is as welcome with us as well as any atheist. Love Gracefully is a secular company that embraces all beliefs and all non-beliefs. But our officiants are not priests, nor pastors, nor rabbis.

Should you want a religious ceremony, we can direct you to a local church. But it’s very rare for European priests to speak English. So, what we recommend is to let us, at Love Gracefully, create a spiritual ceremony celebrated in an exquisite location.


The Paris elopement ceremonies are purely symbolic, meaning that they have no legal value. If you want the paperwork, we suggest couples have that done at home before coming to Paris to fully celebrate their love. Our specialty is the celebration of love, but not the paperwork.

You can see Pierre explaining this in this video.

We do understand your concern in the event of rain if you want to elope in Paris. Since we often work outdoors, we have the expertise to manage your event in case of rain and we spend a lot of time looking at weather forecasts. After more than 400 ceremonies, here is what we’ve learned:

  1. It’s an issue to take seriously;
  2. Weather forecasts are not very accurate;
  3. Best to wait 48 hours to 24 hours before D-day to make a final call on what to do;
  4. We always have a plan B, protected from the weather, ready to go.
  5. If it rains a little bit we can wait for it to stop
  6. If the weather gets extremely bad and our vendors are available, we are flexible and we can try to move the ceremony to another time or day depending on the availability of vendors and the officiant.

Our 10 years of experience at Love Gracefully in organizing elopements in Paris have taught us one thing about what to wear during an elopement in the city of love: wear what makes you feel comfortable! Why? At the end of the day, this is your elopement. If you come all the way to Paris to elope, it’s because you don’t want the traditional wedding at home, you want something special, something that is you! So our advice is for you to wear what makes you feel the most yourself.

Of course, during the elopement ceremony, you want to look good for your honey and you want to look good on the pictures. That’s a given. But if you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t look good on the inside and that will show on the outside. Trust us on that: Love Gracefully has celebrated now over 1000 elopements and we have spotted that over and over. How many brides spent months in preparation on their outfit to finally not be comfortable walking in it on the ceremony day? Not sure, but a lot!

Have 2 pairs of shoes for your eloping day. One for the pictures, one for walking. In an elopement in Paris you’ll stand, you’ll walk, and some streets are cobblestones: you’ll want to have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in!

White is great, white is pure, classy, traditional and pretty but white is not a must for an elopement in Paris. If you don’t like white, choose a colour that’s special for you! In all cases, we would suggest very strongly not to buy it nor rent it in Paris,. Do that at home because,at home you can take your time, ask the opinions of friends or family, and all in your own language. In Paris, you’ll be in a rush, maybe alone, dealing with people who speak French and not English: Oh la la! The process of choosing your elopement dress, trying it on, making the adjustments can take weeks so, please, do this at home and relax!

If you don’t take into account what kind of weather you’ll have for your Paris elopement before you choose what to wear, you are making a big mistake! We have seen brides wearing very light dresses, showing their beautiful skin but freezing as it was in the middle of the winter… So, don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll help you with that. We are not gods and won’t be able to tell you if you’ll have sun or clouds but we can tell you about the temperature!

Do not worry too much about that. You could read on the internet that some colors don’t work for elopement or wedding photos. But at Love Gracefully we work with top professional Paris elopement photographers who produce awesome pictures, regardless of what you wear.

It’s commonly thought that it’s easier for men than women to pick their elopement outfit. Well, yes and no. Men do care and during your elopement in Paris, you want to feel good, look good and make your bride happy. So, yes, it’s easier because a suit is a suit and a tux is a tux and you have many more colors to choose from. And no, it’s not easier because you want to look good but still be yourself. Some men don’t like suits and ties. Well, the good news is that there are no sartorial rules. Paris is a city of fashion and style. Men in Paris can look very good without a suit or a tie.

If you elope in Paris with Love Gracefully you will have the experience of a lifetime. We create unique ceremonies that are customized just for you. From the ceremony text that we will write just for you to the location of your ceremony, everything will be made for you to feel on top of the world. That’s why it’s so important that you wear what makes you feel comfortable during your eloping in Paris. Of course, you want to look good and you will, but most important is for you to wear what you like. For once in your life, dare to be you, dare to wear what you like because you’ll only get married once and the day of your elopement will be the first day of the rest of your lives together!

Useful links before to elope in Paris

If you have the idea to come in Paris in mind,  we would like you read these interesting resources which cover probably all the questions you can have.

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Love Gracefully Paris coordinator

Lorena boasts a distinguished 12-year tenure within the wedding industry, culminating in her esteemed association with Love Gracefully since 2016. Demonstrating a resolute, responsible, and detail-oriented approach, she brings a dreamy, creative, and sensitive essence to her endeavors, immersing herself in every moment with palpable emotion and unwavering passion.

In her role, Lorena assumes the pivotal responsibility of orchestrating and harmonizing all aspects of your Paris elopement, meticulously coordinating with a curated selection of vendors to manifest your unique vision. Beyond logistical finesse, she is devoted to tending to the minutiae, infusing the celebration with her graceful ideas and seasoned expertise.

Under Lorena’s stewardship, your elopement ceremony is destined to transcend the ordinary, embodying a synthesis of tasteful refinement, timeless elegance, and ineffable romance.

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Real elopements in Paris

We organized hundreds of elopement ceremonies in Paris. Discover more about some of them – each one was unique and special.

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