An intimate renew of vows in Paris

The Medici Fountain, Luxembourg gardens

The Medici Fountain remains one of the iconic landmarks of the Luxembourg Garden, attracting visitors who come to admire its beauty and historical significance. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Medici family and their contribution to the cultural heritage of both Italy and France. The Medici Fountain became a focal point of the Luxembourg Garden, surrounded by lush greenery and statues. It features a classical design with a central basin, adorned with sculptures of nymphs and allegorical figures, and a large semi-circular wall with niches for additional sculptures. These are the reason we like to celenbrate the ceremony there.
The location has a strong history: the fountain’s origins trace back to the 17th century when Queen Marie de’ Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France and regent for her son King Louis XIII, commissioned it. Marie de’ Medici, being of the illustrious Medici family of Florence, wanted to recreate a piece of her native Italy in the heart of Paris. The fountain was designed by Tommaso Francini, an Italian hydraulic engineer, and was initially located in the garden of the Luxembourg Palace (now the Senat), which was Marie de’ Medici’s residence. It was part of a larger project to create a series of gardens and parks around the palace, inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

Renewing your vows in Paris: to reassert your love and dedication

The couple get married in Chicago and moved to St Louis, where they live now. Why Paris as a destination to renew their vows?? They said:“Stacey has always loved Paris, but what makes it special to us as a couple is that we had our honeymoon there. During our honeymoon, we promised we would return for our 10-year anniversary. We have a picture together in Luxembourg Gardens and will be so happy to renew our vows in that beautiful place”. As you can understand, their wedding was the beginning of a long story, and as a step in their marriage they come back here to celebrate their 10 years of wedding and renew their vows. Another fact showing this vow renewal has a greta value for them, as they said :

We are so grateful to have our best friends, L and C, by our side that day, especially because they were not able to attend our wedding 10 years ago. They are like family to us and to our children and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.”

The ceremony of vow renewal in Luxembourg gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens emerge as an esteemed locale in Paris, offering an exquisite backdrop for weddings of grandeur. Are you seeking a ceremony steeped in majesty? Look to the Luxembourg Gardens, where your aspirations for a regal celebration will not only be met but surpassed! This enchanting haven in Paris guarantees to transport you to an epoch of royalty, whether you’re contemplating an elopement, destination wedding, or vow renewal. Situated at the heart of Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens are famed for their tranquil ambiance, earning them the moniker of the “central park” of Paris. It’s no surprise that Love Gracefully selects this idyllic spot to honor love! Whether you envisage an intimate elopement or a heartfelt vow renewal, the serene environs of the Luxembourg Gardens provide an idyllic setting for your cherished ceremony. However, the allure of the Luxembourg Gardens extends beyond its serene atmosphere. This park, inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence, boasts a myriad of captivating features, rendering it an ideal backdrop for your special day. Adorned with exquisite statues, including twenty figures of French queens and illustrious women commissioned by Louis-Philippe in 1848, the gardens offer boundless photo opportunities. For those inclined towards a setting amidst male statues, fret not, as an additional 86 figures grace the gardens. When it comes to selecting the perfect venue for your vows ceremony, Love Gracefully has curated two exceptional locations, drawing upon over 15 years of expertise in organizing weddings in Paris.

The photo tour in Paris

Embarking on a photo tour for a vow renewal in Paris with your friends is an enchanting experience, promising unforgettable moments against iconic backdrops. Let’s envision the magic of this journey, starting with the magnificent Palace of Luxembourg garden, known used as a Senat for the government

Crossing over the Bir-Hakeim Bridge, you’re greeted with a captivating view of the Eiffel Tower soaring gracefully in the distance. Set against this enchanting backdrop, framed by the delicate ironwork of the bridge, your vow renewal radiates an irresistible charm. With the Eiffel Tower symbolizing enduring love, your photographs will effortlessly encapsulate the essence of romance and unwavering commitment.

Continuing our enchanting journey, we arrive at the Alexandre III Bridge (you know, the one used for perfum advertising or luxury products). Don’t miss the chance to capture a cherished selfie as you stroll hand in hand across this ornate bridge, adorned with intricate sculptures and majestic golden statues. Bathed in the gentle sunlight reflecting off the Seine River below, the bridge’s grandeur provides an everlasting setting for romantic snapshots, immortalizing the warmth of your love.

The next destination leads us to the iconic Louvre Pyramid, a strikingly modern marvel harmonizing with the timeless backdrop of the Louvre Museum. Amidst the gleaming glass structure, you’ll exchange tender glances and affectionate embraces, symbolizing the profound depth of your commitment amidst a setting that seamlessly blends past and present.

Throughout our photographic odyssey, each locale bears witness to the beauty of your love story, with every image capturing the joy and devotion shared between you. From the enduring elegance of the Alexandre III Bridge to the contemporary allure of the Louvre Pyramid and the iconic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, each moment becomes a radiant celebration of your journey together.

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