Enjoy the beauty of a classy yet bold Paris elopement ceremony near the Paris river, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, with a visit to the Louvre museum.

This gorgeous couple is Britanni and Klaven from Brooklyn, NY, that decided to celebrate their commitment in Paris, the city of love.

Britanni wore a spectacular white mermaid dress with a structured bodice and a beautiful tail. On the other hand, Klaven wore this elegant suit with a bowtie, complementing the overall aesthetic of their vow renewal in Paris very well. Of course, they also had a bold touch with the passion-red roses bouquet. The fact they eloped at sunset, makes the whole elopement more dreamy.

The way their elopement aesthetic vibrates is just how they are: Britanni and Kla are both hardworking individuals that show their love and dedication to each other daily. We are goofy, unselfish, considerate, and supportive of each other. You can feel that in the way they look at each other in these pictures.

They met in a way that many young people meet nowadays, a dating app. But their honesty and commitment to the relationship made their bond grow stronger every day. Since then, the couple has been together for 8 years, and they had many adventures throughout the world.

They shared many happy memories of vacations together in the past, and Paris was a city that the couple truly enjoyed, and they felt connected to their values. The choice to pick an elopement package it was the right one for them.

Now a new chapter in their lives begins, maybe expanding the family. What is the best way to celebrate it? A personalized elopement ceremony in Paris, the city of love. We are proud to be part of this, just as many other couples before.