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About Love Gracefully

Testimonials of happy couples

Due to our success in providing high-end tailor-made vow renewals, wedding or elopement ceremonies, many people contact us to ask different questions.
Since it’s normal for future bride or groom to contact us to ask us questions, we answer all requests.
We take pride and pleasure in answering all questions in detail.
Even though our website gives a lot of informations, it’s natural for couples to want to discuss the details of their particular destination wedding or vow renewals ceremony. Since we are open 24/7 we are able to respond quickly wether your are eloping in Paris, renewing your vows in Rome, or getting married in Barcelona.
The spirit of our company, Love Gracefully, is to provide tailor-made services for our clients. In a world that has become more and more automated, we offer and value human connection.

Eloping in France, renewing your vows in Spain or celebrating your destination wedding in Italy can be daunting. For couple who don’t speak the native language yet want a memorable vow ceremony we profide just the right human touch.

At a time where many companies have closed their customer platforms and replaced them with automatic machine service, Love Gracefully provides you a team of experts that are here to help you customise your marriage or renewal vows. You have human beings answering your questions, not machines.

Whether you are a groom or a bride, already married or not, we are happy to communicate with you either by email or telephone.

We listen to your requests very carefully and are to share 10 years of experience with you. We have officiated over 500 vow ceremonies from Sevilla, Spain to Florence, Italy to Nice, France.

We offer 5 user-friendly wedding or vow renewal packages to choose from. Our team is delighted to explain the nuances and differences between them so that you can choose the package that is perfect for your occasion.

Once you have chosen your unique package, our team will also help you choose the location for your ceremony.
Next, we’ll assist you in bringing your ceremony to life, booking your vendors, photographer, hair and make-up artist, videographer, car, flowers and etc…

These wedding planning services are included in your package. However, airfair, hotel, restaurant booking and costs are not included.

Of course, we are happy to offer suggestions on where to eat or accomodation but it’s not what we do best. We specialize in creating beautiful personalised experience for your marriage or vow renewal ceremony.

Important things to know :

In rare occasions, correspondance may get lost via the internet. In this case, if you don’t receive an anwser from us within 24 hours after our last correspondance, please contact us via telephone directly.

Please visit us on facebook page or youtube channel to see what other happy married couples have said about our services. We are here to make your dream ceremony a reality.