A modern elopement in Paris for T&P

If you want inspiration to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, Trae & Paulette’s Paris elopement will carry you away. It was an avant-garde aesthetic, classy yet modern. You can tell the couple share the Parisienne taste for haute couture. They found the perfect balance between originality and elegance. And they also involved some of their loved ones, like a small destination wedding in Paris.

They chose to celebrate their Paris wedding at dawn, with the Eiffel Tower as an eternal witness to the commitment that unites them forever. Trae & Paulette are young, so they hold an intimate, modern, and bold wedding, characteristics adapted to their personality and the new times.

A Paris elopement about destiny

Destiny wanted them to meet on the seashore, and the connection was instant. To recreate those feelings, the couple organized their elopement ceremony beside the Seine river bank. This beautiful parallelism turned their wedding into a more than special moment. That is why their palette is white with tiny sprinkles of blue, creating a harmonious elopement ceremony that transports you to heaven.

You can notice this in the original style of Paulette’s dress: simple, daring, with classic touches reminiscent of the avant-garde of French fashion, and in Trae’s casual white look, with its classic yet urban combination that speaks of the story of their lives. It is clear that fashion was important to both of them, and they reflected it. Their guests are all dressed in muted colors, with a bit of white and blue.

Paris elopement photos
that explain a love story

The ceremony focused on their love journey and how life guided them up to that moment, in how the dynamism of their lives has led them to cross bridges of different difficulties. As you can see, our photographer helped them to immortalize that idea with their photo locations. Of course, they also took fun and casual photos in various places in Paris and celebrated joyfully with the people they love because that’s how they confront adversity.

Of course, as a passionate and adventurous couple, they also enjoyed the cuisine and the small corners that the City of Light offers, where the memory of their wedding will be forever.

For Love Gracefully, it was a great pleasure to make their dreamed Paris elopement come true. A wedding that speaks of the story of two souls destined to be together.

Thank you for letting us be part of your journey. 

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