Simon & Kim romantic destination wedding in Paris

Simon & Kim are an energetic, passionate, and joyful couple who love each other madly. Of course, it makes sense they decided to travel from Australia to Paris to say, ‘Yes, I do.’ They desired an intimate Paris destination wedding, surrounded by their most loved ones only, as it was a long trip.

A whimsical ceremony in the Parc of Bagatelle

Simon & Kim complement each other very well. Both are ambitious, looking for a better future for themselves and the environment. Simon builds sustainable houses. And Kim, while working on her career, wants to support his business idea. The couple enjoys sports and staying fit, each one in their way. At the same time, they take time to hike and travel together to discover new places, either in Australia or around the world. Celebrating their love in the Parc of Bagatelle in Paris was the obvious choice! It has everything: fantasy, romance, greenery and ambition.

Kim has a bubbly personality and enjoys being around their friends and family. That’s why even with the obvious choice to get married abroad as another adventure, they wanted the company of their people in their destination wedding ceremony. The Parc of Bagatelle is the perfect place for this, as there’s enough space for the couple and some guests without being annoyed by tourists or busy citizens.

Kim wore a stunning mermaid gown, elegant yet different from anything you have seen before, thanks to its beautiful sheer polka dot glove sleeves. It makes her look dreamy and romantic, like a princess out of a fairytale. Simon wore a three-piece textured suit in a dark grey with some brown details, perfectly complementing the whimsical and warm aesthetic.

A different way to organize a Paris destination wedding

Simply looking at their Paris destination wedding pictures, you can tell they are an unconventional couple. They wanted some memories out of the box while capturing another side of Paris. That’s why they started with a first look in their cozy balcony, stopped at a Parisian cafe, and took candid images while getting some energy for this day full of emotions.

Right after, they strolled through the most significant landscapes in Paris, enjoying clear and sunny views of landmarks like the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Seine riverbank. They took their couple pictures before the ceremony to make sure