Enjoy with us this whimsical and fun Paris destination wedding ceremony!

Working with Laken and Justin was a delight – the preparation journey and the celebration were spontaneous and fun, just like their relationship. You can totally feel it in these pictures, don’t you?

Laken is pure joy – from her smile to her beautiful beaded lace princess gown, she was the perfect bride, simply enjoying their destination wedding in every instant. Likewise, Justin wore an elegant yet comfortable and modern suit, ensuring he could make the best of a day full of love and enjoyment.

Laken and Justin met in 2020 just like they are: being spontaneous! She joined a party with friends in his lake house, and they quickly connected. Both vibe on the same wavelength. In the same impetuous style, they both decided on a whim that there was only one way to celebrate their love: an adventurous destination wedding in Paris!

Justin loves outdoor activities, and Laken loves any adventure with him. So celebrating their destination wedding in a foreign and magical city like Paris, roaming their most beautiful scenery, it was just natural.

They were lucky to have friends and family to celebrate their destination wedding with them, too. But, if there’s something they also value is the excellent company of their loved ones and entertaining them with their goofy and friendly way of understanding life.

We were so lucky to be part of this new chapter in their love story at Love Gracefully and help them to organize the perfect whimsical, fun, and energetic Paris destination wedding they deserved.