Legal side of things

As we state on our website, our ceremonies are purely symbolic, meaning that they have no legal value. The idea here is that due to heavy paperwork, rules and translations issues in a foreign country, we suggest to couples to have the paperwork done at home and come to Europe to celebrate fully their love. Our specialty is the celebration of love, but not the paperwork. You can see Pierre explaining this in this video.

Luckily, Italy is the only country in Europe, where you could have your civil ceremony done. A specialist, not included in our packages, will work out all the paperwork for you as well as all the admin and the translation + book the city hall. The costs of that is 4,000 euros for downtown Rome, Florence or Venice. Would you wish a civil ceremony just outside the city (Rome/Florence/Venice), in a beautiful village in the outskirts, the cost of that drops down to an average of 2,500 euros, depending on the location. Those prices include all translations of paperwork done, all interactions with you, all the interactions with your embassy, all the interaction with the city hall + the booking of the city hall for the legal ceremony + the booking of the mayor + the interpreter during the ceremony. Please, bear in mind this process takes an average of 3 months. No short cut there.

Would you wish to go that route, we could put you in touch directly with the person in charge. Please, bear in mind, legal ceremonies are not directly related to our business: our packages are completely a different thing, but of course, you can have both: a legal ceremony at the city hall and then a symbolic one with Love Gracefully to fully celebrate your love.

Religious aspect

As we state on our website, our ceremonies are totally personalized. They can either be spiritual or not at all. They are designed to meet your beliefs. Any God is welcome as well as an atheist or ……
In that sense, Love Gracefully is a secular company that embraces all beliefs and all non-beliefs. But our officiants are not priests, nor pastors, nor rabbis.
Would you want a religious ceremony, depending on the city, we could direct you to a local church. It’s very rare as many european priests do not speak English.
So, what we recommend is that, if you want a religious ceremony in Europe, to let us, at Love Gracefully, create a spiritual ceremony that will be celebrated in an exquisite outdoor location.

What other couples say about us

Anyone can write pages on how good their services are but no one can fake what former customers say about one’s service. That’s why we strongly invite you to read all the comments from couples that trusted us on Facebook here or watch their video testimonies on youtube here.

Weather issues

We do understand your concern in the event of rain and since we always work outdoors, we have the expertise on what to do in case of rain; we spend a lot of time looking at weather forecasts. And after more than 400 ceremonies, here is what we’ve learned:

  1. it’s an issue to take seriously;
  2. Weather forecasts are not very accurate;
  3. Best to wait 48 hours to 24 hours before D-day to make a final call on what to do;
  4. We have a plan B, protected from the rain, ready to go.
  5. If it rains a little bit we can wait for it to stop
  6. If the weather gets extremely bad and our vendors are available, we are flexible and we can try to move the ceremony to another time or day. Only if vendors and officiant are available.

Payment installments

In order to confirm your booking with us and for us to book the different vendors for your ceremony, we ask for a deposit by credit card on our friendly-user payment system. The amount will vary depending on the package you book. It’s only with that deposit that the process will officially start with us. That deposit will, of course, be deducted from your final payment. The rest of the payment, 50% will be due once we have written your ceremony. The second half (minus the deposit) will be required no later than 15 days before the ceremony. Contact us.

Wedding planner service

The reason why we mention the appellation “planner service” included in our packages (except for the basic one) is for people to understand that answering questions by email or telephone is work, that there is a human being working at making their ceremony the best one, with the expertise and experience that it requires. And that that person is available 24/7 to answer your questions.
On top of answering all your questions & sharing our knowledge of all the local issues, the wedding planner job is also to coordinate with the different vendors.
However, our free wedding planner service ends with the boundaries of the package you would have chosen with us. For example, we don’t book your hotels or flights. That’s beyond our limits.
Would you want a wedding planner that does much more than what’s in our packages, we can provide that service but that would be an extra cost added to our package price.


All your guests are welcome to attend our ceremonies. 30 is the number where we put a limit as our outdoors location have a limit in numbers. Above 30 guests our price and costs changes. Ask us for more details..

No hidden fees

Our prices listed on our packages are what you pay. Being in Europe, all our prices are in Euros. They are VAT included. They have no hidden fees as it’s all included. Visit our page for the packages details: France, Paris, French Riviera, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
Would you wish any extra services, that’s totally possible but at an extra cost.
Would you wish our services in a city that is not listed in our listing, you’ll need to add an extra 300 euros for traveling fees bearing in mind that we don’t travel everywhere. Contact us and we will tell you where we can go.
If you decide to stay in a hotel that is really far from the downtown area of your ceremony and wish a hair and makeup artist to come to your hotel, an extra traveling fee will be added.