Ksenya and Daniel vow renewal in Paris

Discover with us this elegant vow renewal next to the Paris river bank!

Ksenya and Daniel celebrated a romantic and classy vow renewal ceremony near the river, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. As if it was destiny, the scenery matched their vibes completely!

The groom and bride seem the protagonists of an old glamorous French movie, don’t you think?

Ksenya wore a spectacular yet simple white sparkling A-line gown with a charming laced back and slit leg skirt. The bride just looks like a Parisienne star. On the other hand, Daniel wore this elegant dark grey satin suit, completing the overall cinematic aesthetic of their Paris vow renewal very well. Taking pictures on a sunny morning made their outfits stand in the blue and gold backgrounds of the city of love.

How their vow renewal ceremony looks speaks a lot about their love story. Because this is important in your marriage celebration: despite the beautiful outfits and pictures, the whole experience needs to show your true selves.

Ksenya and Daniel traveled from Florida, US, to finally celebrate their union as a couple. They tied the knot without any special celebration some time ago and wanted to do something special for their vow renewal.

They met at work, and apparently, Daniel was a bit too nervous to interact with her! In their Paris vow renewal ceremony, the groom proved to love his bride so much that he still gets nervous around her. That is why he is devoted to ensuring Ksenya is happy and accomplishes all their goals together.

At the same time, Ksenya fell in love with Daniel because of her wisdom and constant support, no matter their relationship status. And it continues to be like this until now! The bride is the adventurous one: it helps the Groom to get out of their comfort zone, and at the same time, he involves himself in her ideas to make a dream team – including celebrating their Paris vow renewal.

You only need to look at these pictures to know it’s true. Their story involves understanding each other and growing together to strengthen their love. Both were passionate about cinema and literature, although they had different tastes, and they discovered new horizons and a way to enjoy what their sweetheart loved the most. Do you see it? You can feel the artsy vibe in their vow renewal! You would like to have the same gift for your 25th anniversary of marriage .

We are sure Ksenya and Daniel open a new chapter full of new adventures. We are blessed to be part of this chapter of their story.

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