The Irresistible appeal of a Romantic Elopement in Europe.

An intimate and Personalized Experience

Eloping allows couples to escape the pressures of a traditional wedding, creating instead a symbolic (non-legal) event that frees them to focus solely on each other and enabling them to make meaningful statements to each other in an inspirational setting. Eloping in Europe allows you to create a truly intimate and personalized wedding experience set in the romantic ambiance of a stunning European destination. In this way couples can exchange vows in private and make their special day all about their unique love story.

Discovering Cultural Connections

Maybe you have ancestral ties to a European country or city, and making the choice of eloping in Europe is a meaningful expression of your heritage. Or it might be a way of discovering and embracing new cultural connections. A European elopement is always an opportunity to incorporate ancient local customs or traditions into the ceremony, adding a deeper layer of significance to the wedding.

Combining Wedding and Honeymoon

Eloping in Europe also gives you a unique opportunity to combine your wedding and your honeymoon in one magical trip! Booking a Europe elopement package not only provides a deeply meaningful wedding experience in the city of your choice but also serves as an opportunity to embark on a romantic honeymoon in some of the most picturesque settings in the world. It’s such a bonus to have stunning wedding photos and videos captured in iconic European locations

Rome is the best location to Elope in Italy and Europe


Do you have a picture in your mind of your elopement in Europe? Elegant, chic, boho, whimsical, princely, fantasy, glamorous… Whatever vibe you wish for your ceremony, you can find the ideal backdrop in any of our 9 European countries.

Imagine yourself exchanging your vows in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, with the city’s magical lights reflecting in the Seine, or picture yourself with your beloved among the eternal ruins of ancient Rome. Or you could say ‘I do’ like a movie star atop an idyllic cliff on the French Riviera or overlooking the Mediterranean on a Greek island paradise. In the medieval jewel of Dubrovnik, with its cobbled streets and imposing castles and palaces you will be the royal couple in a timeless romance. Or an enchanting little mountaintop village in Switzerland … or  thrilling Barcelona … or gorgeous Venice …The possibilities are endless!

We have curated the best elopement locations and designed five wedding packages for each destination to cover the usual needs of these celebrations. That’s just the starting point! Once you book your elopement package, we will customize the whole experience to ensure it speaks uniquely about your love story and the memories you want to create forever.

Let’s talk and create your ideal elopement in Europe.

Paris and the Eiffel tower is the first choice to elope in Europe


During the last 15 years, we have organized hundreds of elopements all over Europe. Pierre, our founder, a trained celebrant himself, started this business in Paris, France, the city of love.  His charm, passion for love stories, and his determination that every single couple gets their perfect day is a mission shared by the dedicated local teams that he’s put together in some of the most cherished cities in Europe.

All our celebrants and coordinators are locals; they live and breathe the life of the cities where you want your elopement organized. Our coordinators use only the best wedding services (photographers, florists, make-up artists, musicians, and more) so as to make sure they are creating your personalised elopement experience to the highest of standards. And of course, as locals, they have intimate knowledge of their native city’s secret, hidden corners where you can celebrate your ceremony against the most stunning backdrops but without annoying crowds.

Most importantly, they all speak excellent, fluent English in cities where quite often the natives don’t. They’ll gladly help you navigate the customs and particularities of your chosen European city making the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

Italy is one of the most romantic city in Europe for Elopement
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We are here, to answer all your questions and disappear your fears. Let’s start organizing your elopement. We’ll organizing your elopement in Europe is normal, so many questions arise.  The best ceremony is the one that you are dreaming about!

The domes in Florence are famous as a greta background for the couple vows

Pick an elopement destination that speaks about you

All our elopement destinations in Europe are excellent in their own way. How to pick one? There are many ways to approach it:

  1. Pick a city that resonates with your values, lifestyle, or aesthetic vision. Read about our elopement locations to discover which one appeals, or ask our coordinators for advice.
  2. Choose a country that connects to your heritage. If your family has roots in any European country, you will find a city that celebrates the culture of your history.
  3. Decide on a destination that holds some memories for both of you: a place perhaps where you experienced something that impacted you both individually and as a couple.
  4. Combine this significant ceremony with a honeymoon, and take the opportunity to create a special, once-in-a-lifetime trip with uniquely beautiful wedding photos and videos to bring home.
  5. Not all elopement destinations cost the same. Still, Europe on the whole is very affordable — pick between the options that reflect your budget, taking flights and accommodation into account.

Once you pick your elopement destination, it’s time to book a date and a package.

The french riviera, la cote d'azur agreta choice for an elopement in Europe

Book your special day

Now you’ve chosen your destination it’s time to pick your date and decide on an elopement package. You can see all the prices set out on here <>

All of our elopement packages cover the basics; this way, you can get an immediate idea of the costs for all the essentials needed to create a memorable ceremony. Love Gracefully doesn’t have hidden fees, and each package includes a choice of our most popular free elope spots.

But this is just a starting point! All the details are fully customizable, and for an extra fee we can add any extras you might want and offer a tantalizing choice of our more exclusive venues.

The most important thing is to book your date for this perfect getaway together. Love Gracefully gets booked quite far in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute – we can discuss the final details of your package at leisure in the following stage.

The bridges and channels in venice

Let’s build your ceremony

You have a location, a package, and a date for your elopement in Europe. Now comes the fun part! Organizing your ceremony and finessing all the details: flowers, make-up and hair, photo/video locations, car, music, or any other special elements you wish to include.

You can count on Love Gracefully to take care of everything, and don’t need to worry about finding vendors and contracting their services; we do all that for you within the price. You will know the person who is coordinating your elopement personally and they will assist you during the whole journey.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire about you, your partner, and your unique love story. We will ask you about other preferences, like a text that resonates with your beliefs or a piece of music that’s special and meaningful for the two of you. The celebrant will collaborate closely with you to create a personalized ceremony that comes straight from your hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have questions about the best time of year to elope in Europe perhaps, or the legal value of your ceremony. Here are answers to the questions most frequently asked.


If you are one of our clients, we would be very happy you let us a few words about your ceremony.

Love Gracefully
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17:55 10 Jan 24
I travelled to Paris for a romantic trip with my wife and thanks to Pierre my trip was great! Not only Pierre is the CEO of Love Gracefully but he is also a true Parisian as he was born in Paris. I wanted to take my wife to Girafe restaurant where it’s impossible to reserve a table. But thanks to Pierre’ network, I was able to get a great table at that restaurant: he has great connections… I had the opportunity to talk to Pierre many times and I can witness that he is a man of his words: reliable, honest, open minded and very dedicated to make... people happy! Not only that but he has a great spirit and a french personality that makes him all that special. If you travel to Paris and do not meet with Pierre, you’ll miss out!read more
Lai SaeternLai Saetern
00:08 27 Dec 23
This is a long overdue review for our small wedding/elopement ceremony in Eze, France in August 2023. First and foremost, thank you so much to Love Gracefully, especially our wedding planner Jeremie. We decided on Eze, France as our wedding location and was blessed with Jeremie. From the very beginning he was there to help us along the way. Jeremie was quick and thoughtful with his responses. Any questions we had, Jeremie had the answers. Any recommendations, Jeremie had it. Any concerns, Jeremie reassured us. Coming from the States... (California) we needed someone we could trust and rely on, he was definitely that person. Jeremie was also our photographer, and I tell you, the photos are BEAUTIFUL!! There are so many amazing couples pictures we still have not been able to choose which ones to frame. Only thing that caused a headache on our wedding day was my makeup artist being late. That pushed back the ceremony, making it feel rushed. We didn’t get that extra 20-30 mins to take family photos/ enjoy the scenery because the garden was closing. But that’s not Jeremie’s fault what so ever. Overall, we had an amazing experience and when we look back on that day, we remember the love and happiness we felt. If we could, we’d relive that day over and over. It can be nerve recking planning a wedding in another country but doing it with Love Gracefully was the best decision we made for ourselves. Your wedding day is about you both, and Love Gracefully will help to make sure of it! Thank you a million, and maybe we’ll even be back for a vow renewal. :)read more
Kara EllisonKara Ellison
00:00 13 Dec 23
My husband and I eloped to Nice, France in November. It was so smooth and stress-free, Jeremie was wonderful and great at communicating with us, and the photos are BEAUTIFUL!
Jennnifer HorwathJennnifer Horwath
22:08 08 Dec 23
Love Gracefully orchestrated our October sunset wedding on the beach in Monte Carlo, and we couldn't be happier. From flawless planning to a heartfelt ceremony, every detail was handled with expertise and care. The officiant crafted a personalized ceremony that captured our love story beautifully, making our day truly unforgettable. If you're seeking a wedding planner and officiant dedicated to creating magical, stress-free moments, Love Gracefully deserves five stars for their exceptional service. Furthermore, if you are looking in the French... Rivera, Jeremie was not only extremely accommodating but made our day perfect! I don't remember our officiant's name, but he made our ceremony a time we will never forget, with fun and laughter, tears, special moments... we couldn't have asked for a better duo! Thank you both for making this day so special.read more
20:25 10 Oct 23
If I could give Love Gracefully 10 stars, I would!I want to start off how professional and amazing this company is, I put all my trust in it and they did not disappoint.Jeremie who was our wedding planner ad photographer was so friendly and always responded to my questions! He made our special day so easy and even from the very beginning he was so tentative! Their bundles are a reasonable price and its amazing you can add more onto it! They offer absolutely everything!Jeremie always put us first and guided us through the photo shoot. He... captured such beautiful photos along with the videographer who also made us feel amazing! If I could I would keep going back to Love gracefully. I am beyond speechless!Jeremie even met us at air bnb to guide us and met with my MIL prior to us going to France, all I can say is JUST DO IT! the best wedding planner ever!read more
Amy RichardsAmy Richards
21:22 09 Oct 23
My fiance and I worked with Love Gracefully for our small wedding in Eze, France. It was nothing short of extraoridnary. From the first contact through the end of the ceremony we received prompt communication and quality service. Jeremie was a pleasure to work with and has delivered us some amazing photos to remember our day, rain or shine!We highly recommend Love Gracefully for anyone looking to have a beautiful, unique, and intimate ceremony 💕
Chanel SorensonChanel Sorenson
15:57 07 Oct 23
What a great experience! My husband and decided to get our wedding vows renewed in Venice. I looked at several places but after reading the reviews I decided to book with Love Gracefully. We had the opportunity to work with Paola and she did an amazing job with communication, arranging the transport to the location, flowers, the officiant and the photos! I was a little leery at first about sending a deposit overseas but Love Gracefully kept in contact through out the entire process which made me more comfortable. We were so pleased from start... to finish. We highly recommend Love Gracefully and Paola!read more
Chris EllisChris Ellis
18:52 27 Aug 23
My wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in Rome with Francesca. It was AMAZING. She was so caring and honestly invested in our day. Our photographer and videographer were also fantastic. You can't go wrong with this group and Rome was the perfect spot for a ceremony.
Gianna DahanGianna Dahan
21:11 06 Aug 23
We had an amazing a perfect wedding just the two of us in Paris, France. Pierre was our officiant and Stephen was our photographer. The pictures came out amazing, we chose to do our ceremony first at 7:00pm and finished taking photos by 10:00pm. We took pictures at around 5 different historical locations. car service provided was top tier. Sunset is a great time of day to do the ceremony. I did my own hair and makeup, and my bouquet was delivered to our hotel earlier in the day. Would highly recommend this company and already have a friend who... is going to book their wedding with love gracefully now as well. They did a great job at answering every single question in detail.read more





Eloping in France offers a myriad of enchanting backdrops for an intimate ceremony. From the romantic streets of Paris to the picturesque French Riviera you’ll find a tradition of timeless elegance and romance, perfect for a private and unforgettable celebration of love. Check out our page Guide to Elope in Paris.

Elope in France


Italy’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes make it an ideal destination for an elopement ceremony. Whether exchanging vows in a historic corner, see Rome Elopement guide, afloat on the canals, read Venice Elopement guide, atop the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, embraced by the renaissance elegance of Florence, or enjoying the enchantment of Sicily, eloping in Italy will create memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Elope in Italy


Spain’s passionate culture and stunning settings make it a perfect choice for a European elopement ceremony. From the lively and colorful energy, see Barcelona elopement guide to the tranquil beaches , read Mallorca elopement guide or the charming ancient back-streets of Seville, not to mention the regal character of Madrid or the coziness of Sitges, Spain offers a blend of romance and adventure that will make your elopement package truly special.

Elope in Spain


Switzerland‘s picturesque mountains, serene lakes, and charming villages provide a postcard setting for an intimate elopement ceremony. Whether in the Swiss Alps, overlooking a pristine lake, or in a historic little town, Switzerland’s natural beauty and tranquility will make your elopement a peaceful and memorable experience.

Elope in Switzerland


Croatia’s breathtaking coastline, ancient cities, and idyllic islands make it an alluring choice for an elopement wedding package in Europe. Whether saying “I do” against a backdrop of Dubrovnik’s historic ramparts or on one of the many pristine beaches and over one thousand islands that decorate Croatia’s sublime coastline, Croatia’s romantic ambiance will create some priceless elopement memories.

Elope in Croatia


Greece’s rich history, stunning sunsets, and distinctive islands make it an exquisite destination for an elopement ceremony. From the iconic white-washed buildings of Santorini and the iconic windmills of Mykonos to the ancient ruins of Crete, Greece’s sun-drenched beauty and cultural riches will infuse your elopement with timeless romance.

Elope in Greece


Portugal‘s diverse settings, from the colorful streets of Lisbon, to the golden beaches of the Atlantic Sea or the magical enchantment of Sintra, offer inviting and scenic backdrops for a fabulous elopement ceremony. With its warm hospitality and unique charm, Portugal promises an intimate and unforgettable celebration of love.

Elope in Portugal


Monaco’s reputation for luxury and sophistication is well deserved making it a glamorous and exclusive choice for an unforgettable elopement ceremony. Whether exchanging vows overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or at iconic landmarks like the Prince’s Palace, Monaco’s opulence and allure will create a truly extraordinary elopement backdrop that will give your ceremony a positively regal feel.

Elope in Monaco
walk at Giant causeway beach


Ireland, with its enchanting landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality is a wonderful choice for an elopement that comes from the heart. Immerse yourselves in Ireland’s rich cultural tapestry as you exchange vows. The country is dotted with historic sites, ancient ruins, and charming villages, and stands out as an idyllic destination for couples seeking a unique and romantic elopement experience.

A london bridge for wedding


The United Kingdom boasts more iconic locations, more high-end style and fashion and more cultural landmarks than anywhere else on earth. There’s a huge variety of landscapes, cultures and castles; any of which would serve gracefully as a backdrop to your special ceremony.

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Best selling and secret gem destinations to elope in Europe

Discover more about our destinations with our YouTube testimonials

Paris: Best-selling elopement destination

Lots of couples pick a Paris elopement package to celebrate their love. The City of Lights is truly magical at any time of the year. It’s celebrated as the world’s most romantic destination for a reason: little lights reflecting on the River Seine, the old town and Montmartre full of artists and flowers, the patisseries smelling of freshly baked macarons, charming hidden gardens … and, of course, the majestic Eiffel Tower. If you are looking for timeless elegance and romance, you can’t go wrong eloping in Paris. Check out our packages.

More about Paris elopements

Portugal: Secret gem elopement destination

Portugal has been rising in popularity lately because of its unique charm. Its dramatic Atlantic coastline, and its welcoming Portuguese vibe. Say ‘I do’ in a colorful seaside setting or in a traditional village nestled in the hills that create a natural barrier between Portugal and Spain. This barrier conceals a secret land hidden from outsiders. In these magical places you can have the most intimate elopement ceremony in the most charming of settings. In Sintra, for example, you’ll find architecture straight out of a fairytale – while, of course, enjoying Portugal’s delicious cuisine and sought-after wines. Discover our Portugal elopement packages now.

More about Portugal elopements

“The fact that I get to talk about love all day long with couples who want to celebrate their love is a real blessing. I have so much gratitude for the life I have: being of service to couples from all over the world! Looking into the eyes of the couples I marry while they share their vows is a magical experience a real privilege. I love to create ceremonies that are not only unique but most importantly, meaningful. In this way I know I am making a difference in a world that, sometimes, doesn’t make much sense…”
Pierre Thérond.

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Founder, director, and celebrant in Paris

Pierre is the founder of Love Gracefully, an organization who have helped hundreds of couples celebrate their wedding day in Europe. Love Gracefully has gained plaudits for the brilliant ceremonies it delivers, and the way in which our team works with the utmost diligence to make each ceremony unique.

Pierre and his team will help you piece together the ceremony you wish, in the location of your choice. You can contact Pierre to discuss all of your requirements in depth. Be assured that Pierre and his team will cater for your needs, no matter what it is you are seeking to arrange, and where you wish it to happen.

Check out the packages and destinations that are available on our website, but let them simply be an inspiration for your own thoughts and wishes.

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Real elopements photos in Europe

We’ve organized hundreds of elopement ceremonies in Europe. Discover more about some of them – each one was unique and special.


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