Trinity & Christian’s playful elopement in Paris

Their Paris elopement is the perfect example of celebrating a perfect day with the love of your life that is fun and without complications. They organized an intimate elopement ceremony where only them matter in the most iconic Paris landscapes.

Few stories about true love and second chances are as inspiring as Trinity and Christian’s one – Each other’s lives were blessed by the hope of finding someone to complete them at a particular moment. Just like magic, their paths crossed at the right moment. They decided the next stop in their love journey was Paris, to say ‘I do’ in the City of Lights.

Magical elopement at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

The Luxembourg Gardens, in the heart of Paris, were the backdrop of an intimate, spiritual, and classic union deeply rooted in the traditional values ​​of love. The memory of the past and the promises of the future came together to create a unique moment.

Visiting Paris had been one of Trinity’s dreams for years, and Christian wanted to make that dream come true. Celebrating their love outdoors, surrounded by the creation of Maria de Medici in the 17th century, was the perfect choice to frame the purest and most sincere love.

An elopement ceremony written just for Trinity & Christian

The eyes of Paris history were witnesses of their union. It was a joyful moment that gave a lot of meaning to their personal story. Faith was important to the couple, so they read biblical passages and dedicated special words to very dear people, giving a unique personality to the moment.

The elegance and neatness of the groom, who wears a classy black suit with a bow tie, and the bride’s simple yet daring gown, with the silhouette of an elegant movie star, perfectly accompanied the wedding ceremony of their dreams with that unmistakable Parisian style. The simplicity of their outfits allowed them to move freely around the city and pose for some fun and creative photos. They visit and take photos with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, stroll through the Louvre Museum’s artistic immensity, or enjoy a romantic walk near the Seine.

Our elopement coordination team in Paris is proud to be there for Trinity and Christian and help them create one of the most memorable days of their lives. Love Gracefully will never forget your story.

May you be delighted.

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