How do I get people to come to my destination wedding ?

The family and friends or just both of you for your destination wedding in Europe

How do I get people to come to my destination wedding ? Let assume you have decided for a destination wedding, just thinking about the locations. If your dream is to celebrate your marriage as a destination in an abroad destination that should be enough reason to do so. The easiest way is to elope, as it is just you and your partner. But if you want to have your family and friends with you, it can get a bit trickier, as they need to use vacation days and spend a large amount of money on the trip. At the same time, even if that is not an issue, other concerns might arise: what about the cultural differences? What if we don’t like the food? How are you going to coordinate everything from afar?

Don’t worry – we have worked with hundreds of couples who organized their dream ceremony in Paris, Rome, Venice or around Europe, and we know how to help you.

The relatives

You can imagine your parents, your sister, your brother are excited to witness and be part of your special day as you embark on a new journey with your partner. Weddings are joyous occasions that bring families together to celebrate love and commitment. Until you start to speak about a wedding Europe… probably your mother and sister, if you have, have this idea somewhere in their head.

Then just imagine when if you said ok, I want to get married in Paris or Rome or in a known location. Now let’s try you said I want to get married in Amalfi coast (and send them the link to the Google Maps)

Celebration of Love: They are excited to witness and be part of your special day as you embark on a new journey with your partner. Weddings are joyous occasions that bring families together to celebrate love and commitment.

Family Reunion: Your wedding might serve as a family reunion, allowing relatives to reconnect and spend quality time together. Many people cherish the opportunity to catch up with family members they may not see often.

Supporting You: Your relatives care about you and want to support you on your special day. They understand the significance of your wedding and want to be there to show their love and encouragement.

Overall, your relatives would likely be happy to come to your destination wedding because it offers them a chance to celebrate with you, enjoy a vacation, reconnect with family, and create cherished memories.

Your friends

You have a best friend, probably you have several friends who think they are your best friend. They started to dream about your wedding as a good reason to buy a fancy dress and start to check the different blogs of the top wedding influencers, if you are a newbie on that topic, I help you giving the top 10 list: 1. Hayley Paige · 2. Mindy Weiss · 3. Michele Corty · 4. Karen Tran · 5. Tali & Claudi · 6. Preston Bailey · 7. Persephone · 8. Nektaria

The deception and the impact

If you were to deceive your friends by saying you got married alone abroad (it means for example destination elopement in Europe), it could have various consequences depending on the dynamics of your relationships and the reasons behind the deception. Here are some potential implications:

Trust Issues

Deceiving your friends about such a significant event could lead to trust issues in your relationships. They may feel betrayed or hurt by your dishonesty, especially if they later find out the truth.

Feelings of Exclusion

Your friends might feel excluded or left out if they believe you intentionally excluded them from your wedding. This could strain your friendships and create feelings of resentment.

Confusion and Misunderstanding

Deceiving your friends could lead to confusion and misunderstanding about your motivations and intentions. They may question why you chose to keep your wedding a secret and may speculate about the reasons behind your actions.

Damage to Relationships

Deception can damage relationships and erode the trust that forms the foundation of friendships. Your friends may struggle to forgive you for deceiving them, and it could take time to rebuild the trust that was lost.

Missed Opportunities for Celebration

By deceiving your friends about your wedding, you deprive them of the opportunity to celebrate this important milestone in your life. They may feel hurt that they were not able to share in your joy and happiness.

For every one

Here is a list or argument you can use to tell how your destination wedding in Europe will be so amazing:

Vacation Opportunity

Destination weddings often provide an opportunity for guests to enjoy a vacation in a beautiful location. Your relatives may see attending your wedding as a chance to explore a new destination and have a memorable experience.

Unique Experience

Destination weddings offer a unique and memorable experience compared to traditional weddings. Your relatives may be excited about the chance to be part of something different and create lasting memories.


Some relatives might see your destination wedding as an adventure. They may be eager to travel to a new place and participate in the festivities surrounded by beautiful scenery and cultural experiences.

Escape from Routine

Attending your destination wedding provides a break from their daily routine and allows them to enjoy a few days of celebration and relaxation away from their usual environment.

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The to do list to get the people to join you

Creating a tactical plan to explain the idea of joining you for your destination wedding to both friends and family involves clear communication, thoughtful planning, and consideration of their perspectives. Here’s a step-by-step plan:

Step 1: Setting the Stage

Choose a Convenient Time and Place: Select a date and venue for the dinner that works for both you and your friends. Ensure it’s a comfortable and relaxed setting where everyone can engage in conversation.

Send Invitations: Send out invitations to your friends, clearly stating that you would like to gather them for a dinner to discuss something important. Keep the invitation casual to avoid raising suspicions.

Step 2: The Dinner with Friends

Opening Conversation: Start the dinner with light conversation to ease into the topic. Catch up with everyone and ensure a friendly atmosphere.

Introduce the Idea: After everyone has settled in, transition the conversation to your upcoming wedding. Express your excitement about the destination wedding and the reasons behind your decision.

Explain Your Vision: Share your vision for the destination wedding, emphasizing why it’s important to you and why you would love for your friends to be there to celebrate with you. Highlight the unique experiences and memories you hope to create together.

Address Concerns: Be prepared to address any concerns or questions your friends may have about attending a destination wedding, such as travel logistics or costs. Assure them that you will do your best to make the experience enjoyable and convenient for everyone.

Invite Them Personally: Extend a personal invitation to each friend, expressing how much their presence would mean to you on your special day. Let them know that you understand if they can’t make it but that you would love for them to join if they can.

people have a good time together
A typical wedding table for dinner

Step 3: Planning with Family

Choose an Appropriate Time: After successfully discussing the idea with your friends, plan a separate gathering with your family to discuss the wedding. Choose a time that works for everyone and ensure a comfortable setting.

Share Your Plans: Similar to the dinner with friends, explain your plans for the destination wedding to your family. Share your excitement and the reasons behind your decision.

Extend Invitations: Extend formal invitations to your family members, inviting them to join you for your destination wedding. Emphasize how much their presence would mean to you and your partner on this special occasion.

Discuss Logistics: Discuss travel arrangements, accommodations, and any other logistical details to ensure everyone feels comfortable and prepared for the wedding.

Address Concerns: Be prepared to address any concerns or questions your family may have, especially regarding traditions, cultural considerations, or expectations.

We advise you have thought before in order to have all the answers

By following this tactical plan, you can effectively communicate your desire for your friends and family to join you for your destination wedding while addressing any concerns and ensuring everyone feels included and excited about the upcoming celebration.

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