A wedding at the American Church in Paris

The American Church in Paris

Love Gracefully is always looking for the best wedding ceremony locations so our couples can choose from a wide range of options. We are aware that, for some of our clients, having a religious wedding in a church is a must, and, therefore, it’s very important for us as well to fulfill their wishes and celebrate their marriage the way they want, with a religious celebrant. That’s why we are very happy to offer the American Church in Paris as one of our wedding locations in Paris.

Why is the American Church in Paris a great wedding location?

The American Church in Paris is located in the seventh district (arrondissement in French), which is very central and close to all the iconic locations. On top of the beauty and the history of the building itself, there are hundreds of restaurants and hotels nearby to host you or your guests, in case of any.

It was the first American church established on foreign soil. The American Church is an inter-denominational, Protestant congregation with roots dating back to 1814, when American Protestants living in France sought a place to worship God in their native English language.

Nowadays, the American Church in Paris is the only church in the city were you’ll be able to have your religious wedding in English.

So, it’s important to know, that because Love Gracefully’ celebrants are not priests, your wedding ceremony will be held by one of the experienced pastors of the American church, and not by one of Love Gracefully officiant. Yet, Love Gracefully will take care of all the other services included in your package; photographer, videographer, car, flowers, etc…. The religious officiant of the American Church will help you plan the service, with some flexibility and personalization. Family members and friends are also welcome to participate in the service through a reading or a musical number.

Love Gracefully ceremonies at Eiffel Tower
Love Gracefully ceremonies at Eiffel Tower

How to book your wedding at the American Church in Paris?

It’s important to know that the American Church in Paris has its own marriage agenda which we don’t control. After checking their availability, we will put you directly in contact with the wedding ministry coordinator to seal the booking with the American Chruch. Their wedding ceremony price is not included in any of our packages, so you should add 1350euros for 2 hours of rental, to be paid directly to the administrator. Love Gracefully charges you only 150 euros extra to pay for the coordination between you and them.

Tips to know about having your wedding at American Church in Paris

  • The sanctuary is reserved for 2 hours. The first 30 minutes will be the time for set-up and the welcoming of guests before your marriage.
  • Premarital counseling is highly recommended to prepare your wedding. When you come from outside Paris, we suggest that you seek premarital counseling at your home congregation.
  • Before the religious wedding ceremony can take place, you must show proof of civil marriage. The easiest way to do this is to be married in a legal ceremony in your home country.
  • Flowers, photographer, a caterer and any other service providers are the responsibility of Love Gracefully (details on our packages).
  • There are several rooms suitable for holding a light reception after your blessing ceremony. If you choose to use it, Love Gracefully will need to hire a caterer who will do both the set up and clean up (at extra costs).
  • Would you have more questions about your wedding ceremony at the American Church in Paris don’t hesitate to contact us.

Historical facts about the American Church in Paris

It was back in 1815 that the French Reformed Church gave birth to it’s church, the Oratoire du Louvre, giving a safe location for the Americans to hold regular services, tired to meet in the apartment of American merchants. Everybody was welcome there; people of all nationalities, races and backgrounds.

The community of Americans in Paris has become very diverse since World War II. Since then, the number of non-Americans English-speaking people has significantly increased. In 2019, only half of the regular followers of the American Church are American, with the other 50% coming from about 40 different countries. A very important fact is that, today, the figure of denominational environment is as equally diverse. The American Church is now an interdenominational as well as an international community of believers.

Paris having had a very long and strong history, so does the American Church. There, one can witness a living community of faith through all the major events since 200 years. Beyond weddings, many folks found at the American Church in Paris a spiritual harbor; they found a way to commit themselves within a greater community in a large scale of ministries and services.