Symbolic love blessing at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France

Let’s go for a gothic wedding !

Elope or renew your vows at Notre Dame, French for “Our Lady”, widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture…

Your Wedding Vows Ceremony

At The Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

Notre Dame is one of the famous iconic and most visited landmark of Paris. The “Lady of Paris” commonly known as “Notre Dame” is a historic Catholic church. This cathedral is a fine example of French Gothic architecture and its design is an example of romantic French art. No wonder one of French’s most famous novel by Victor Hugo was set just here.

Notre Dame is one of the most well-known church buildings in the world and is an ideal location for your wedding vows to be set in stone. Your wedding, your elopement, your renewal of vows or your proposal will happen in front of a construction started in the 1100s ! So the walls of this building hold a level of authenticity that cannot often be found elsewhere and creates the perfect environment to seal your wedding vows.

Being so popular, so church is often crowded with many tourists. But our officiant knows exactly where to find very intimate spots near the cathedral itself to allow both getting the stunning view and the tranquillity you will appreciate for that very special day of your life.

The first option is the garden of the cathedral. It is a lovely green spot, very quiet in the early morning and late afternoon. That’s why we like to offer this option if you are particularly keen on having your celebration at these hours of the day. This is a video to show you how smoothly a vow renewal can go at Notre Dame.

Another option that has been very popular is a spot right on the river bank, a little bit further away from the crowd. It has been home to great vow ceremonies. See how this couple enjoyed their elopement at Notre Dame.

Love Gracefully ceremonies in Notre Dame

Why choose Notre-Dame as your wedding ceremony locations ?

Notre Dame is one of our top wedding location in Paris (and in Europe!). Its harmonious shapes and lines make for a perfectly romantic venue to host your love celebration. Are you looking for ideas for your elopement in Paris ? Then classic Notre Dame offers more that meet the eyes. Home to a famous love story, it is also bathed by the river Seine. These will make a gorgeous setting for you elopement photos at Notre Dame. She is bound to say I do there !

Our ceremony vendors in Paris

At Love Gracefully, we have been celebrating ceremonies for over a decade in Paris now. Since then, we have been in touch with the best professionals and artists to provide you with any kind of services you might need. Wether you would like flowers or a vintage car, a hair or makeup stylist, a photographer or a video producer, we will direct you to the best local artists we have already been working with. This is a special day, and you only deserve the best ones with you!

Our wedding celebrant

We have been celebrating vows at Notre-Dame for over a decade now. The celebrant working at Love Gracefully is a real professional who has lead the way to over 300 ceremonies. He is here to help you create an intimate, smooth and dreamlike ceremony. So wether you would like to make a proposal, have an elopement or vow renewal ceremony or have a destination wedding, he knows that the most important is for you to have the ceremony that fill fit you and only you.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Notre-Dame for this beautiful day!