Unique wedding vows under the Eiffel tower, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower wedding

Coming to Paris to celebrate your vows with your loved one? Then, of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower is the place to be, the love landmark. This ultimate symbol for romance and love will be a gorgeous setting for your celebration.

What to expect for your wedding vows at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower, or “La Tour Eiffel”, is not only known as Paris most romantic monument, it is also the most visited paid monument in the world.

Visited by millions of people throughout the year it is a must-see.

But you don’t want to hang around with the crowd for that very special day. That’s why our officiant in Paris knows where to go to find an intimate spot near the Eiffel Tower to celebrate your ceremony away from the tourists.

Therefore, he has selected a few of them to give you the most of the Eiffel tower, and only the most.

You could choose to have your vow celebration very near the building itself, by a small lake on a mount overlooking the iron structure. Just like this lovely couple did.

You might also love to have your ceremony set on the river bank opposite the tower. That’s what this couple went for, and the result is a stunning setting for your vows, and pictures and videos of this special day.

You probably know that the tower itself is surrounded by beautiful gardens (also known as the Champ de Mars), and you will love this green setting. This couple loved it for their elopement.

And you could also choose, just like Tony Gonzalez (NFL player) did to renew his vows with his wife October, a setting on the other part of the Eiffel tower gardens with a beautiful perspective of the iron building.

And in case the weather turns a bit wet (that’s part of Paris charm !), we have a gazebo of our own to make sure the ceremony is a success by the Eiffel Tower.

As the French proverb goes: rainy wedding, happy wedding!

Love Gracefully ceremonies at Eiffel Tower

Getting married under the Eiffel Tower ?

The majestic tower will be a beautiful place to shelter your love. The Eiffel Tower location is one of our most popular one!

If you want to have a amazing proposal, it’s a wonderful place. Picture yourself asking your bride-to-be in front of the building you have probably seen in a classic romantic movie together. Soon, you will be the main character !

This site will also work wonders if you would like a ceremony with guests. Its nice spread out lawns will allow for a nice group to gather and pause for the pics.

We have also had amazing vow renewal for elderly couples there. They love the romantic symbol that is the Eiffel tower. So whether you are celebrating 10, 15, 20, 30 or more years of love, you will fall in love again there !

And, of course, if you are looking for a glamourous and sexy night spot for your celebration to take place, then the stunning light setting of the iron lady will do the trick.

So why don’t you and your loved one begin your magical journey under this global symbol of Parisian and French culture, in possibly the most classic of all French settings? We can’t wait to see you there !

Our ceremony vendors in Paris

With over 100 ceremonies celebrated at the Eiffel Tower, we know where to find the best specialists you will want to work with. Florist, hair or makeup stylist, photographers or video producers, we are are in touch with the best local artists and professionals.

Our wedding celebrant

Our very unique celebrant is a professional that has worked at Love Gracefully for over a decade. He knows how to offer you the best intimate, smooth and “worryless” ceremony, the ceremony you dreamt of. In close touch with you throughout the whole process of organisation, he will make sure your every needs are met. Wether it be for an elopement, a vow renewal, a destination wedding or a proposal will help you create the ceremony of you life.