Getting married at the Eiffel Tower :
all you need to know

Are you considering getting married at the Eiffel tower in Paris? Or maybe you want a small destination wedding ceremony in the City of Lights? Do you want to surprise your partner with a romantic vow renewal during a romantic getaway? The iconic Eiffel Tower is waiting to be the eternal testimonial of your love. Keep reading!

Are you dreaming of exchanging your vows in the romantic ambiance of Paris? Look no further than the iconic Eiffel Tower, the most famous symbol of love. Just envision, as Tony Gonzalez and his wife October did in a testimonial video, having your wedding ceremony unfold against the breathtaking backdrop of the Eiffel Tower—an intimate and memorable celebration just for you or maybe some guests. And without rental fees of a venue! But be careful, this is the most requested spot in paris, because it’s a great idea but you have to plan it carefully to make it as a dream. Then we propose to check out this post about our recommandation to organize you ceremony in Paris

The best spots for your Eiffel Tower ceremony

Recognized as Paris’s most romantic monument and the world’s most visited paid attraction, the Eiffel Tower is a must-see in a lifetime. However, you might wish to escape the bustling crowds on your special day. Our officiant in Paris has curated intimate locations near the Eiffel Tower, ensuring an exclusive experience for your ceremony away from tourists.

Picture yourself declaring your love near the tower, perhaps by the river with a panoramic view of the iron structure of the Bir hakeim bridge (you know, the one you can see in Inception, the movie). Alternatively, opt for a ceremony along the riverbank of the Seine, with a panoramic view of the iron structure reflecting on its waters.

Do you want more spot ideas to have your ceremony in Paris? Explore the majestic gardens surrounding the tower, known as the Champ de Mars, for a green and picturesque setting—ideal for an intimate elopement. Or, as NFL player Tony Gonzalez and his wife October did for their vow renewal, choose a spot on the other side of the Eiffel Tower gardens, offering a beautiful perspective of the iconic structure.

What if it rains during your Eiffel Tower ceremony ?

We also have plans in case of bad weather. Our “exclusive gazebo” very close to the Eiffel tower ensures your ceremony remains a success, allowing you to embrace the poetic charm of a rainy wedding, as the French proverb suggests—rainy wedding, happy wedding! In case of Elopement we know different locations…

Eiffel Tower : the ideal landmark for elopements and destination weddings

Marriage under the Eiffel Tower is an enchanting experience but also very versatile. The sprawling lawns offer an ideal photo-gathering space, perfect for an intimate ceremony or a destination wedding with guests. Even elderly couples celebrating decades of love have found joy in renewing their vows amid the romantic symbol that is the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you say ‘Yes, I do’ for the first time or mark several decades of love together, the Eiffel Tower promises an eternal witness of your commitment. If you want your elopement in Paris to look elegant, chic, romantic, and magical, the captivating light display of the Iron Lady sets the stage for a night to remember. Embark on your magical journey beneath this global Parisian and French culture symbol in one of the most classic French settings. We eagerly await the pleasure of welcoming you to this unparalleled celebration!

Discover our Paris wedding packages
and get married by the Eiffel Tower

Love Gracefully was founded by Pierre 15 years ago, and we celebrated hundreds of weddings in front of the Eiffel Tower. Our expertise lets us know the best spots and vendors for your Paris elopement or destination wedding. We created the ultimate packages for a wedding in Paris to make things easier for you. It includes all you need for your celebration, and you can customize all the details once you book to make it truly unique. Our ceremonies are built from scratch; we will take time to know your love story, vision, and ideal travel plans.

Setting a wedding ceremony in the Eiffel Tower by yourself is a possibility. Still, it will add the extra stress of finding every vendor – photographer, chauffeur, makeup artist, florist – and then coordinating them on the same day, which will be stressful and complicated due to the language barrier – not all French people speak English well! – Counting with our help will make the day stress-free and extra charming.

Contact us now to have more informations, and we will make your dream ceremony in Paris happen.

A vow renewal with Eiffel tower as witness

Ksenya and Daniel celebrated a romantic and classy vow renewal ceremony near the river, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. As if it was destiny, the scenery matched their vibes completely!

Laken and Justin destination wedding in Paris

Working to organize the wedding in Paris with Laken and Justin was a delight - the preparation journey and the celebration were spontaneous and fun, just like their relationship. You can totally feel it in these pictures, don’t you?

A&C destination wedding in Paris

You are adventurous but not too much? You want a destination wedding in Paris but you also want the traditional American church wedding?

Jess & Ricky elopement in Paris

The purpose of an elopement in Paris is to do as you please. You don’t have to act a certain way. You are free to do whatever you feel like.

Rebecca and Jim elopement in Paris

Rebecca and Jim chose to elope in Paris in a beautiful garden. They wanted something just for the two of them with no guest, simple, intimate and with flowers around.

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