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Rebecca and Jim elopement in Paris

Rebecca and Jim chose to elope in Paris in a beautiful garden. They wanted something just for the two of them with no guest, simple, intimate and with flowers around. They finally chose the Luxembourg garden as it provides exactly what they wanted. Inside the Luxembourg garden, they did the ceremony at the Medicis fountain as it has a wide basin of water surrounded by beautiful plane trees that work like an arch. It is Catherine de Medicis herself who created these beautiful gardens, that’s why Rebecca and Jim had a special feeling there: the feeling of being, for the time their elopement, a queen and a king!

After the ceremony and some nice Champagne, they went for a photo tour in Paris with our photographer, as they had booked our Gold package that includes a 3 hours tour by Mercedes car with chauffeur. They chose to go first to the garden du Palais Royal as they were eager to have some photos shot on Buren’s Column’s. And, of course, they didn’t miss the romantic kiss under the majestic galleries that are all around the garden du Palais Royal. Once the kiss was over, they went to the Eiffel tower

There are many ways to have a shooting done at the Eiffel Tower. Either you do the photos that everybody does, that you see everywhere. Those are done from the Trocadero. Either you try to be a bit creative and go, for exemple to the bridge Bir-Hakeim for a more personalised shooting. That’s the choice that Rebecca and Jim made. The creativity of our photographer helped to produce exactly what they wanted; pictures that look like them; natural, happy and in love!

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