Mistakes to avoid when you plan a Paris elopement

Are you thinking about eloping in Paris ? Without a doubt, it is a beautiful experience that will give you a lifetime memory. At the same time, as we are experienced wedding planners in Paris, we have often answered this question to our clients: what mistakes should we avoid while planning our special day in the City of Lights? Keep reading!

Paris is a beautiful city. Maybe the most romantic city in the world, but it still has millions of people. And Paris, like any big city, faces the usual issues that any big city can face. You might have seen the TV series Emily in Paris, where the town is quiet, and only the best spots are used to film, cutting traffic and tourist movements while they shoot. If you elope in Paris, you will be in a real-life situation, not in a TV show. We know it doesn’t sound mainstream (like most of what you can read on other wedding websites), and we don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but I prefer to be honest because you deserve it, and it will make your planning easier.

Don’t get us wrong, Paris is a fabulous city for your elopement or destination wedding! We know because we were born there: there is a particular feel in Paris wedding that you will not find anywhere else. But there are some pitfalls to eloping in Paris, and preparing for a ceremony in the long distance can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to know what’s happening on the other side of the world to make the right decision about schedules, ceremony location, dates, and other practicalities.

1. Avoid the most popular elopement locations for your ceremony

If you want to elope in Paris, you will not be alone; hundreds of couples come to Paris every week! Social media will show you a beautiful picture of a couple kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Still, it won’t show you all the other brides and grooms kissing in front of another photographer simultaneously on the left and right of that couple.

The most popular spots can get so bad that you must queue up to have your picture taken at that location. To avoid that, if you still want a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower, we suggest renting a hotel room with a balcony or apartment with a rooftop and a view of the Eiffel Tower as you can see in this video.

You can always pass by those locations to take an after picture, but you can also organize your ceremony in other less crowded spots.

2. Avoid the most crowded months of the year

When you plan your Paris wedding, the time of the year is quite important. August is the best period: Parisians are away on vacation, tourists tend to avoid that month, fewer weddings are in town, and, finally, there is great weather! We recommend avoiding July, which can be very busy, especially in 2024, with the Olympics coming into town. Late May and early October can be charming months, too: fewer people and good weather.

3. Don’t use the word ‘wedding’ with your bookings

This tip works very well in general, but especially for couples who travel with some guests. Avoid mentioning the word wedding to anybody when you book your hotel or restaurant. When people hear that word, they multiply the costs by 2, if not 3. To get a quote, use “gathering” or “party.” Then, once you have your price, you can say it’s a wedding. You’ll save a lot of money.

4. If you have guests, make sure they can organize on their own

Even if you plan an intimate elopement or destination wedding in Paris, you might want to bring some guests but ensure they are autonomous. Otherwise, you will act as their trip planner while you are supposed to enjoy the most important day of your life. Bearing that Parisians speak French and do things differently than in the USA, your guests could need help in many ways. And you are not there to take care of them. I have seen many brides or grooms trying to please Uncle Joe or Aunt Annie, who arrived late to the wedding… Guests are fantastic to have but in small numbers! Let us know what is your choice in order to give the information to our celebrant and our photographer who will on site.

5. A French wedding coordinator is your best friend

Finally, our main suggestion would be to get a local wedding planner who speaks both English and French and knows the city because it’s their hometown. Eventually, you will save so much time and money by hiring a professional because they will know the pitfalls and the little secrets to make it a success without stressing you out on this special day.

Our advice to find a good one is to book one that is a real Parisian: not only someone who knows the city but also knows the culture and its way around. Ideally, someone who was born there. Also, find a planner that has at least ten years of experience. Many new bees joined the business in the last two years. Still, due to the popularity of elopements and destination weddings, they cannot have the experience of a senior planner.

Pierre, the founder

For your information, Love Gracefully was created in 2010 by Pierre, who was born in Paris in 1959. For your convenience, with so many experiences about what is good for you for he designed 5 packages for your Paris France packages Paris that cover the basics for any ceremony you dream of. This is just a starting point to make your planning easier and cover up the essentials. Once you book your package, we will tailor all the details to ensure it only speaks about your love story.

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