What should be included in a Paris wedding package?

You want to book a wedding in Paris but probably have many questions. Making this choice overseas might be challenging, but it will be easier with our guidance.

First, no matter if you want to elope, organize a destination wedding or a vow renewal. The first ingredient that a Paris wedding package should include is flexibility. Any vendors forcing you with a locked package that cannot be customized should be taken cautiously. A package that cannot be adapted to your wishes is doubtful and will make your special day as generic as many others.

A Paris wedding package aims to ensure you have all you need for your love celebration, but just as a starting point, to make the organization stress-free. From that moment, you should be able to tailor-made the details of your ceremony so it speaks about you only.

Having said that here are the key elements that should be included in your Paris wedding package: for the big picture read more informations about this wedding topic

Essential elements
your wedding package must include.

The wedding photographer

Make sure you have a photographer included in your Paris wedding package. Not only that, but you can ask who that photographer is. That way, you can see their work and ensure that it’s a style you like. If that photographer has a team of photographers, ask who the photographer of your wedding day will be. Sometimes, a photographer with multiple employees working for them can send you the newbie of their team. At Lovegracefully all the photographers are senior and knows each other. In case of unplanned issue we can ask for another one.

The wedding planner

Ensure the planner fees are included in your package price. The planning represents much more work than you might think, especially in a different country with a foreign language and culture. So, be careful if your planner’s fee goes by the hour. Also, ask who the planner is: you want a local planner who knows the city by heart.

The celebrant and a custom wedding ceremony

It must be the most forgotten vendor of them all when couples choose. It’s a pity because you only get married once. The aesthetic of the photos is important, sure. Still, the celebrant’s words will make your ceremony unique and personalized or a copy/paste type of ceremony you have heard 100 times. So, ensure that your celebrant will write a customized ceremony for you and only for you.

I would say that these three vendors should be included in your Paris wedding package. Here is now the list of all the other services that could be added, depending on what you and your budget:

Nice to have elements
your wedding package could include.

The ceremony location or the venue

There are so many offers that it’s virtually impossible to have in a package that includes the venue you want. Some packages will include a specific location or a wedding venue; others won’t. We believe it’s fair if it’s not included when you marry in Paris, as there are many free spots to hold a unique, intimate ceremony. If you still want a specific venue or location, be mindful of the extra costs if they aren’t included in your package price.

The videographer:

Some packages may include video, although it is not shared on our website. Some couples want it, some don’t, and it can make the costs go up quickly. Also, there are lots of videographers out there. Some are more talented than others. Make sure to see the work of the videographer that will be proposed to you. If you don’t like their style, ask for another one.


Apart from the bride’s bouquet, usually flowers are not included in the wedding package price. The reason is that some couples want thousands of floral arrangements, and others prefer to have the Eiffel Tower in the background instead of expensive flowers to cover a boring wedding hall. If you want extra floral decorations when you get married in Paris, it is best to ask your planner for quotations adapted to your ceremony.

Hair and make-up artist

The hair and make-up artist could be included in your Paris wedding package, but not always. The reason is it is so personal that the choice is up to the bride: there are many skin tones, textures, and hair types, and not all hair and make-up professionals can master all styles. If you get one in your package, you may not pick the one that works for you. To choose a hair and make-up artist, ask them to see their work but also show what you want and your skin and hair type.


Usually, it’s not included in the package as you must first choose between a live musician or a sound machine. If you want a live musician, you must decide what instrument and, mainly, the type of music you want to hear: some musicians can play classical but not hard rock! And vice-versa. It is best to pick one that fits your wedding vision rather than get stuck with the one included in your package.

Have you decided to book a Paris wedding package?

At Love Gracefully, we have 5 Paris wedding packages you can choose from. Those five packages can be customized any way you want – it’s just the starting point! You can add things to them or take things out of them. The idea is to create a ceremony that fits you 100%. So, don’t hesitate to call and let us know what you want. We are here at your service with more than ten years of experience.

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