Organizing an elopement during the Paris Olympic game

Organizing a wedding in Paris during the Olympic Games can be a unique and memorable experience, but it also comes with various challenges and constraints. We help you with the different points to adress.
For us the 2 main points to have in mind are: the dates including infrastructure building and the impact on logistics and traffic which can be really important.

The famous Trocadero's stair for photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background

The dates of the event

The Olympic Games will take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024 and the Paralympic Games will take place from 28 August to 8 September. With 2 days in advance for the torch ceremony when it arrives in Paris: 14 and 15th of July. Then, it is important to plan the preparation around the different venues and to check the availability on site for your elopement. The building of infrastructure is yet started…

You can find the official program on the Paris 2024 website here

Trocadero as future ceremony opening

The Paris olympic venues

As you can imagine several hot spots are in the historical center, the same where you probably want to go. Then we can propose several different solutions to make your elopement in Paris a success.

We use usually a lot the iconic locations along he river…

the different venues in paris for the olympic game

The 10 most important points to organize your elopement in Paris during Olympic game

After the date, these has to be taken in consideration with this order

Budget Considerations

Prices for various services and accommodations may rise during the Olympics due to increased demand. Plan your budget accordingly and be prepared for potential cost increases. Even it’s maybe not the first topic in ordinary period, a lot of hotel has increased their prices, also for BnB, then you could spend more time to find the good solution. Which could be to go just outside the ring, we can help you for that.

Availability of Venues and restricted areas

Olympic Games attract a massive influx of visitors, which may limit the availability of popular wedding venues. It’s essential to secure a venue well in advance. As the iconic landmark as Eiffel and around can remain as an option, you have to consider the Luxembourg garden instead of Eiffel Tower first and also the private venues like the very charming Chapelle expiatoire or even American Church

In top of that, looking the locations on the map and and in other hand the iconic landmarks, several areas will be restricted in order to set up the infrastructures as: Trocadero including the garden and the fountains, due to the crowd it’s safe to avoid all around. All the bank around will be used for the ceremonies and competitions.

Traffic and Transportation

Increased traffic and transportation disruptions are common during major events like the Olympics. Plan transportation for guests and the wedding party carefully to avoid delays. We provide for your car with driver and he knows in real time. We will take back up time for the travel. It’s more about your guests if you plan they call for a Uber, let us know what you decide in order we can help.


First of all book rooms well ahead of time. Accommodations in Paris are highly in demand during the Olympic Games. Ensure your guests have access to suitable lodging.

Scheduling Conflicts

Check the Olympic Games schedule and plan your wedding events around key dates to avoid conflicts and ensure that your guests can enjoy both the wedding and Olympic activities.

Vendors Availability

Popular vendors may be booked or have limited availability during the Olympic period. It’s reason why we work with our team of vendors, we are used to work together for several years. We book them in advance and we secure your wedding organization.

Weather Considerations

Plan for potential weather fluctuations during the Olympic Games. Have contingency plans for outdoor events and consider the comfort of your guests in different weather conditions.

Crowds and Congestion

Expect larger crowds and increased congestion in popular tourist areas. Plan for extra time in transportation and consider less crowded locations for certain wedding events.

Olympic Event Noise

Be mindful of the noise from Olympic events, especially if your wedding venue is close to a major Olympic venue. Consider this when planning your ceremony and reception timings.

QR code to access “blue zones”

Many sectors of Paris, particularly around the venues hosting the Olympic events, will be cordoned off a week before the opening ceremony of the Olympics on July 26th, and the movement of people there will understandably be significantly disrupted.

Buildings, museums – including the Louvre -, train stations, Seine riverbanks between the Bercy and Trocadéro bridges… The Interior Minister specified this Tuesday that “all individuals” intending to reach the “blue zones” of security must be equipped with a QR code.

In summary, crossing between the two banks of Paris will be possible for Parisians and tourists without a QR code as long as they do not stop in monitored areas.

The implementation of the system will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, July 26th, the day of the opening ceremony along the Seine. At that time, “the movement of people will be halted, and a cordon of gendarmes and police officers will facilitate crossing Paris.

Anticipated Disruptions in Public Transportation

Expect complications in public transportation as fifteen metro stations are set to be completely closed. The complete list of affected stations is available on the interactive map provided on the Ministry of Transport website. Specifically, the following stations will be affected:

  • Champs-Elysées – Clémenceau (Metro 1)
  • Concorde and Tuileries (Metro 1)
  • Concorde (Metro 8)
  • Concorde (Metro 12)
  • Champs-Elysées – Clemenceau (Metro 13)

Additionally, certain tram lines will also face disruptions, including T2 Porte d’Issy and Porte de Versailles line, T3a Porte de Versailles, and T3b Colette Besson.

Online Platform for QR Code Applications Starting May 11

Returning to the topic of the QR code, Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin announced the launch of a dedicated platform starting May 10. Residents, workers, and visitors can access this platform to apply for and obtain their pass following a thorough profile analysis. Once obtained, the QR code grants access to the designated area determined by authorities starting from the evening of July 26, one week prior to the Olympics. It’s important to note that individuals without internet access can register at the district town halls of Paris, where procedures will be carried out on their behalf.

Zone with QR code access

The green lines on the map are the path way to cross the river.

Source Le Parisien

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