Romantic vow renewals in Italy

Looking for Italian romanticism? Head to either Venice, Florence or Rome and enjoy la « dolce vita »

Are you looking for the perfect location for your renewal of vows? If yes, Florence, Venice and Rome are the perfect locations for your vow renewals in Italy. These magical cities can make your love celebration truly different and unique. At Love Gracefully we are specialized in creating your dream renewal of vows in Italy. So, please, let us know what your dream is about and we’ll help you choose which city fits best your needs.

Having your renewal of vows in Italy feels like a classic italian movie: elegant, sunny and romantic. It’s the perfect scenario for couples who want to combine their vow renewals with some relax holidays. Furthermore, celebrating your love in Rome, Florence or Venice will allow you to enjoy the excitement of a real ceremony without the pressure of organising a that event at home.

Love Gracefully has been organizing over 300 renewal of vows in Italy since 2009. To be sure your dreamed vow renewals comes true we have gathered the best videographers, photographers, make-up artists, officiants and florists in town! What we want is that your renewal of vows is all about you and your dream. Our job is to make it happen.

Cities to organize your vow renewals in Italy

Renewing your vows in Italy will make you feel like achieving a dream. These are our curated cities where you could celebrate your love. Do you have another city in mind? Please contact us.
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Rome is both the « eternal city » and the « Caput Mundi » which is the Latin expression for Capitol of the world ! Rome’s history spans 28 centuries and this is one of the reason why many couples decide to celebrate their vow renewals ceremony in Rome.

Thanks to it’s architecture and historic sites, Rome has many backdrop for a romantic and unique vow renewals ceremony such as the Forum or the Colosseum that are both popular romantic locations.

For your vow renewals ceremony, Rome offers some historic spots in beautiful parks ! You’ll be both surrounded by beautiful nature, while being at the center of the city. Would you prefer a more formal ceremony, you could choose an hotel rooftop which offer a stunning view on the major landmarks.

Another important reason Rome is a great location for your ceremony, it is it’s climate ; mild all year long, even in Autumn. In Winter the temperature are colder but always nice to have an outdoor ceremony.

Last but not least, “la Dolce vita” is a very good reason to renew your vows in Rome. When Federico Fellini used this famous « Dolce Vita » expression for the first time in his movie, he referred to the cheerful Roman lifestyle, full of worldly pleasures, which is exactly what you can expect if you renew your vows in Rome. You and your partner will taste home-made food in the local trattorias or sip a perfect Cappuccino in any bar. You could also rent a Vespa and get lost in the beautiful narrow streets of the center, enjoy the breathtaking view from any terrace, and discover many beautiful corners. All this and more will make your staying in Rome unforgettable.

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Florence is clearly the Jewel of Italian renaissance. As such, Florence offers the opportunity to experience moments of timeless elegance bringing an added value to your vow renewals ceremony. Being the capital city of Tuscany region, Florence unmistakable style and intrinsic romanticism will envelop and overwhelm both of you in a second. During your vow renewals, Florence will give you both moments of unforgettable magic!

Florence is one of the cities in the world with a huge intrinsic charm, and will make of your vow renewals trip to Italy a complete dream. After being in Florence, If you close your eyes and think of Florence, you will hear a sweet music in the background, smell an intense perfume and remember the taste of a delicious dish. While in Florence, you’ll mix with Italians who elegantly whisper phrases with that captivating and intriguing Italian accent. While that happens, it will be inevitable for both of you to feel to be part of the History of the world. Every building reminds of italian history while every terrace bring you an unforgettable view. No wonder that Kim Kardashian married her rapper husband Kanye West in a lavish ceremony at Forte di Belvedere in Florence!

The beauty of the Duomo, Florence Cathedral, the fantastic sunsets of the Piazzale Michelangelo, the cobblestone streets of the old town, are a few of the many attractions that the city will offer you for your vow renewals. Whether your dream Florence vow renewal ceremony is on an outdoor terrace with an awesome view on the city or in a Tuscan rose garden overlooking the entire city or in a garden in the heart of the old town, next to the famous Uffizi Gallery, in all cases, the magic will become real.

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As you come to Venice to celebrate your vow renewals in Italy, you will feel a particular romanticism floating around. Something that comes with the waters all around you as everything is done on waters. You’ll discover hundreds of small bridges giving you a great view on all the canals where you’ll see people travelling by boat. There are no cars in Venice, so there’s no traffic! Which will make the scenery more romantic for your vow renewal. As there are many canals everywhere, it’s not just an Island: the entire city of Venice is on water. A bit as if you were on a floating city. Locals ride their boats to go to the office, to do shopping or take the kids to school. Aternatively, people walk.

Couples like you will be amazed by the beauty of Venice’ palaces and ancient architecture of its buildings. Because you’ll be in a city that has remained intact over the centuries, you’ll experience the uniqueness of Venice’ history. You will feel a strange sensation during your renewal of vows in Venice ; a bit as if you were a prince & princess…

No doubt that you will fall in love with Venice’ beauty; so much history and art packed in a small island will drive you to even more appreciate the celebration of your love. Your love will feel even stronger while enriching your culture and discovering something new at every corner together. A bit as if you were both travelling in time… You can also renew your vows in Italy while navigating in a traditional gondola.

You won’t be the only one inspired by venice; once a republic called The Serenissima, Venice inspired also many poetes and writers over the ages. Venice’ beauty and uniqueness, its mystery and its romantic style are a gift for evryone, specially those who aren’t afraid to get lost in its narrow streets and wish to have their eyes filled with wonder. A bit like you were a true Venetian…

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Our Italian vow renewals packages

We created five different Italian vow renewals packages to offer the best deal to our beloved couples. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or you need something that isn’t included. Remember – all packages may be customized to your desires!

Our team

Your perfect vow renewals in Italy can only happen thanks to our wonderful team of wedding planners, photographers, officiants, videographers, hair and make-up artists, florists, etc… They all guarantee a wonderful personalised vow renewals with the real italian feeling.
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Pierre, Founder, director and celebrant in Italy

Pierre is Love Gracefully founder. He is also the leading celebrant in Italy. He and his team are in charge to create the perfect ceremony that will meet your values and beliefs. For the record, he celebrated hundreds of vow renewals ceremonies through his career, each one unique in its own way. He was pioneer in creating destination renewal of vows in Italy. Be assured that Pierre and his team will care for your whishes, no matter what it is you are seeking to arrange, and where you want it to happen.

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Love Gracefully vendors

Since 2009, Love Gracefully has celebrated over 300 vow renewals in Italy in 3 different cities. That can only happen thanks to a great team of local vendors. They all work with the same 3 rules: preparation, preparation and preparation! All are dedicated to provide the best service for your vow renewals. Each of them are true artists: whether it’s a hair and make up artist that will make you feel like an Italian star or whether it’s a videographer that will produce your italian film, they are all passionate about their work!

How our italian vendors work

All our vendors are local and fully bilingual. That way, not only are you dealing with a local but a local you can communicate with! In each city, you’ll be put in contact with our main coordinator. Each of them are dedicated planners that will help you create your dream vow renewals. According to your taste and desires, and the look and feel you want for your ceremony, that wedding planner will chose the vendors that best fit your vision.

Testimonials: vow renewals in Italy

We successfully created intimate & special vow renewals In Italy for hundreds of couples. You can discover some of their stories here.

Because we want you to remember your italian renewal of vows forever, We will be at your sides every step of the way. From the very first question you might have, such as: where is the best place to have your ceremony in Italy? to the last question that could be: how can it fit my budget? we will guide you through the difficulties of planning a vow renewals from far away. Our celebrant & wedding planner team will of course help you choose the best location for your special day. we will also introduce you to the people we love working with: a variety of talented artists and professionals such as photographers, filmmakers, musicians, hair and make-up artists. We only work with people who share the same passion and professionalism as we do. Experts who have a love of beauty and the desire to create truly tailor-made italian vow renewals.

Testimonials of our happy couples

You would like to hear about how the vow renewals in Italy went for other couples we have worked with? Feel free to listen to our testimonials video recorded in Italy. It’s direct and personal testimonials about our renewal of vows services. Couples will talk about their vow renewals in Italy. You can also check out our  Love Gracefully testimonials Youtube channel.

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