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A romantic country, Italy has been “home” to one of the most famous lovers’s couple, that is Romeo and Juliet!
Replete with historical sites but also with a very distinctive latin vibe, Italy conveys an image of hedonism and pleasure. A perfect country to celebrate your vows with your loved one !

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Love Gracefully Ceremonies in Rome
Love Gracefully Ceremonies in Florence
Love Gracefully Ceremonies in Venice
Love Gracefully Ceremonies in Italy

Love Gracefully Ceremonies



Making sure your select the perfect spot for your proposal, your elopement, your destination wedding or your vow renewal in Italy might be a difficult task. That’s why we have prepared packages including the most famous locations in Italy to host your ceremony. Click on them to know more about what they include : Florence, Rome or Venice.

Italy boasts so many sites worth visiting and celebrating in that you will find below some other ideas about where to host your vow ceremony. This day is a very special one, so make your pick, There must be one place that is just for you! Our celebrant will be happy to help you select the best one fitting your needs, values and beliefs.


A very ancient city, Verona is nowadays mainly known to be home to one of the world’s most famous couple, Romeo and Juliet. Verona is synonymous with romance and passion. But this UNESCO world heritage site can boast an pluri-millenia old architecture that will surely seduce you. You could decide to have your ceremony held overlooking some of the most famous bridges of Verona, over the Adige river, like Ponte pietra or Castelvecchio bridge.They will give you incredibly romantic setting for your pictures of video of that special day.


You surely know Naples for its culinary specialties : pizza (a sensual experience as describes in the movie Eat, Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts!), pasta and coffee all came from down there. Set on the Mediterranean, next to the worldly famous Vesuvio, Naples is indeed a mixed of passionate and epicurean vibes. You want to give your vows an passionate and sensual note, then head to Naples !


This maritime city of Tuscania is mainly famous for its leaning tower, on the Piazza dei Miracoli. It is, according to Pisans, one of the most beautiful urban space. The gentle harmony of the place will be a perfect setting to host you vows and its pictures and videos.

Please contact us for any questions or details, our team and officiant will be delighted to help you choose the destination you are just looking for. Let’s make this special day a lovely and memorable one together !

Love Gracefully Ceremonies in Italy
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