Romantic vow renewals in France

Looking for French romanticism? Head to either Paris or the French Riviera and enjoy « La joie de vivre »

Are you looking for the perfect location for your renewal of vows? If yes, Paris or the French Riviera are the perfect locations for your vow renewals in France. Compared to the rest of the world, both Paris and the French Riviera can make your love celebration truly different and unique. At Love Gracefully we are specialized in creating your dream renewal of vows in France. So, please, let us know what your dream is about and we’ll help you choose which location fits best your needs.

Having your vow renewals in France will feel like a typical French film: elegant and romantic; it’s the perfect scenario for couples who want to combine their vow renewals with some relax holidays. Furthermore, celebrating your love in Paris or on the French Riviera will allow you to enjoy the excitement of a real ceremony without the pressure of organizing a that event at home.

Love Gracefully has been organizing over 450 renewal of vows in France since 2009. To be sure your dreamed vow renewals comes true we have gathered the best celebrants, photographers, videographers make-up artists and florists in town! What you want is that your renewal of vows is all about you and your dream. Our job is to make it happen.

Cities to celebrate your vow renewals in France

Renewing your vows in France will make you feel like achieving a dream. These are our curated locations where you could celebrate your love. Do you have another location in mind? Please contact us.
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Paris is both the « city of love » and the « city of lights ». Paris’s history spans 20 centuries and this is one of the reason why many couples decide to celebrate their vow renewals ceremony in Paris.

Thanks to it’s architecture and historic sites, Paris has many backdrop for a romantic and unique vow renewals ceremony such as the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame. Those are very popular romantic locations.

Paris offers also beautiful parks for your vow renewals ceremony! For exemple, at the Luxembourg garden, you’ll be both surrounded by beautiful flowers, while being at the center of the city. Would you prefer a more formal ceremony, you could choose an hotel rooftop which offer a stunning view on the major landmarks.

Another important reason why Paris is a great location for your ceremony, it’s the Parisians; they have a bad reputation but they are very sweet.

Last but not least, la « joie de vivre » is a very good reason to renew your vows in Paris. Paris is not only a beautiful city, it’s also to a cheerful lifestyle: If there is no translation for the « joie de vivre » it’s because it’s a real french concept. French and Parisians will put first a « joyful way of life » before anything. Paris is of full of worldly pleasures, which is exactly what you’ll need to renew your vows there. You and your partner will taste home-made food in the local restaurants, buy your croissant in a boulangerie, or sip a perfect coffee in any café. You could also decide to walk around and get lost in the beautiful narrow streets of the center, enjoy the breathtaking architecture, and discover many beautiful surprises. All this and more will make your staying in Paris unforgettable.

Please click on our Paris link on top of this paragraph to find more about our Paris locations to celebrate your love.

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The French Riviera is clearly the Jewel of the mediteranean sea. As such, the French Riviera offers the opportunity to experience moments of timeless chill-out bringing an added value to your vow renewals ceremony. Being at the heart of the mediteranean sea, the French Riviera mix the elegant french style with an intrinsic romanticism which will envelop and overwhelm both of you in a second. During your vow renewals, the French Riviera will give you both moments of unforgettable magic!

The French Riviera is one of those rare places in the world that has a huge intrinsic charm, perfect for your dreamy vow renewals. After having spend time on the French Riviera, If you close your eyes and think back of that period, you will smell an intense perfume and remember the taste of a delicious dish. While on the French Riviera, you’ll mix with Frenchs who elegantly whisper phrases with that captivating and intriguing French accent. While that happens, it will be inevitable for both of you to feel being part of the French culture. Every terrace bring you an unforgettable view on the Mediteranean sea. No wonder that all the Hollywood movie stars come to Cannes once a year!

The French Riviera offers many beautiful locations to host your vow renewals. Here are the ones we selected for you: Monaco, Cannes, Nice and Eze. All of them are the perfect spot but they all are different. In Monaco, you’ll love the glamour and the casinos. In Eze, you’ll love the small traditional french village and a breathtaking vue on the sea. In Nice, you’ll enjoy the old city with lots of little shops as well as it’s great museums. In cannes, you’ll feel like a movie star walking on the promenade looking at all the beautiful yachts. Also, all these towns are within a 40 miles radius, so you can visit all of them while you are there !

Please click on our French Riviera link on top of this paragraph to find more about each of our French riviera locations.

Our French vow renewals packages

We created five different French vow renewals packages to offer the best deal to our beloved couples. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or you need something that isn’t included. And don’t forget that all our packages may be personalized to match your wishes!

Our team

Your perfect vow renewals in France can only happen thanks to our wonderful team of celebrants, photographers, planners, videographers, hair and make-up artists, florists, etc… They all guarantee an unforgetable personalized vow renewals with the real French feeling.
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Pierre, Founder, director and celebrant in France

Pierre is Love Gracefully founder. He is french and also the leading celebrant in France. He and his team are in charge to create the perfect ceremony that will meet your values and beliefs. Pierre celebrated hundreds of vow renewals ceremonies through his career, each one unique in its own way. He was pioneer in creating destination renewal of vows in France. Be assured that Pierre and his team will care for your desires, no matter where you want your ceremony to happen nor what it is you wish.

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Love Gracefully vendors

Since 2009, Love Gracefully has celebrated over 450 vow renewals in Paris and on the French Riviera. This has been possible thanks to a great team of french local vendors. They all work with the same LOVE GRACEFULLY 3 rules: preparation, preparation and preparation! All our vendors are dedicated to provide the best service for you. All of them are true artists: whether it’s a videographer that will produce your original French film or whether it’s a hair and make-up artist that will make you feel like an French star or, they are all passionate about their work!

How our French vendors work

All our vendors are local and fully bilingual. That way, not only are you dealing with a local that knows his city by heart, but a local you can communicate with! In each city, you’ll be put in contact with our main coordinator, responsible for your ceremony. Each of our coordinator are dedicated planners that will help you create what you want. For exemple, would you want to make it a surprise for your partner, it’s totally possible. According to your taste and desires, our local coordinator will chose the vendors that best fit your vision.

Testimonials: vow renewals in France

We successfully created intimate & special vow renewals In France for hundreds of couples. You can discover some of their stories here.

From the very first question you might have, such as: where is the best place to have your ceremony in France? to the last question that could be: how can it fit my budget? we will be at your sides every step of the way : we will guide you through the difficulties of planning a vow renewals from far away. Our local planner team will of course help you choose the best location for your special day. That coodinator will also introduce you to the people we love working with: a variety of talented artists and professionals such as celebrants, videographers, photographers, musicians, hair and make-up artists. We only work with artists who share the same passion and professionalism as we do ; Experts who have a love of beauty and the desire to participate in creating a tailor-made French vow renewals that fits you !

Testimonials of our happy couples

Would you like to hear about how other couples have felt about their vow renewals with us? Feel free to listen to our testimonials video recorded in France. It’s a direct and personal testimonial about our renewal of vows services. A couple talks about their vow renewals in France. You can also check out our Love Gracefully testimonials Youtube channel.

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