A majestic French Riviera elopement

The location

Discover the regal French Riviera elopement of U&A in a beautiful château overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The couple traveled from Hong Kong with their parents to celebrate their union. Getting the family’s blessing and honoring traditions was very important, but they also realized they wanted an intimate and romantic wedding. The best way to experience it was, of course, eloping in the dreamy French Riviera. We found a magnificent hotel with a terraced garden above the sea. Which allows the ceremony to be organized on a terrace above the sea. Very beautiful light, a quiet location, all the conditions are met to create wonderful memories

Cap Estel in French Riviera: a fairytale venue for your elopement

The impressive Cap Estel hotel is a gorgeous wedding venue on a cliff overlooking the azure sea. The couple wanted a place to host their guests and surround them with class, romance, and magic. The white building contrasting with the Mediterranean blue created a fantastic atmosphere at sunset when they said, ‘Yes, I do.’

As gentle as they are, the whole aesthetic aligned with the backdrop. The flowers and other decor were predominantly white and cerulean blue. We brought to life the whimsical atmosphere with draped textures like chiffon, tulle, and lace, blooming greenery full of petals, very well accompanied by the vintage decor of the building.

Unmoon was a literal princess wearing a regal A-line dress made of a delicate lace pattern and a sheer veil attached to a classic bun hairstyle. Anton wore a classic yet bold white and black suit, just like a prince’s uniform but in a modern way. The simplicity and delicacy of their outfits made them stand out in such a stunning location.

It was a dream come true from the beginning to the end. Thank you for trusting us for your special day.

A gentle love story
that culminates in the French Riviera

Generosity is a vital word in a marriage. When you meet Unmoon and Anton, we understand what it means: they love each other gently and generously, knowing when to give space to the ideas, feelings, and interests of each other, growing together hand in hand. Unmoon and Anton are a dream team, so they magically pulled off this majestic elopement celebration in the French Riviera.

When we asked them what they wanted, they said it was important to have a romantic and elegant vibe of France while keeping some Chinese traditions present. We built together a ceremony where they could express their well-being to their ancestors, half in English and half in Chinese, so their guests could participate and send their best wishes to the newlyweds.

Both things were essential for the couple to be represented in their French Riviera elopement. As we always say, our ceremonies will be tailor-made to fit your personality, beliefs, and traditions. Learning about their culture was a great opportunity, and we treasure the experience very close to our hearts.

A few photos as memories

With the gentle guidance of our photographer, the couple embarked on a journey of capturing precious moments of intimacy and romance. Against the backdrop of swaying palms and cascading bougainvillea, they embraced tenderly, lost in the reverie of their newfound union. Each stolen glance, each tender caress, immortalized in the lens of the camera, a testament to the enduring bond they shared.
In the heart of this idyllic sanctuary stood the couple, radiant in their love, bathed in the soft golden hues of the setting sun. The bride, resplendent in her gown of ivory lace, exuded an aura of timeless elegance, her eyes aglow with joy and affection as she gazed upon her beloved. The groom, dashing in his tailored suit, stood by her side with an air of quiet confidence, his heart overflowing with love for the woman who had stolen his heart. A gentle breeze danced through the air, carrying with it the sweet fragrance of blooming jasmine and the salty tang of the sea, lending a touch of romance to the already picturesque setting.

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