Fers and Jose’s magical elopement ceremony in Venice

The story of Fers and José is magical. Discover their precious and intimate Venice elopement with us, and get enchanted by the power of love. They said ‘Yes, I do’ in San Giorgio, in Venice, on a day when the misty clouds and water around the isle created the perfect mystic atmosphere where only the groom and bride existed for a moment.

A fairy tale with a happy ending in Venice

Like a romantic fairytale, the love for each other simmered before they realized they were destined to be together and burst into passion. They met early in college but were just friends for a while. Sometimes, you have your soulmate in front of you, but there’s a life journey to walk before you realize it. That’s what happened to them!

But eventually, after different choices and life lessons, everything made sense: Fers and José were meant to be. They discovered the genuine souls behind their personas, and the spark suddenly appeared. Since then, they lived together and have been building a family, but it was the moment to confirm their union with a Venice elopement.

An intimate Venice elopement
out of a dream

José is a serious man at first glance but also enjoys the calm of nature, sea, and sunsets. Fers is a quiet and gentle woman who believes family and God are the most important things. Their personalities match very well, and their future vision is well aligned.

That’s why choosing San Giorgio’s island in Venice for their elopement made sense: the dreamy waters, the historical buildings, the misty clouds, and the solitude of the location made the time stop for them while they said their vows. The immensity of the world was the testimonial of their commitment.

As they traveled from Colombia, they didn’t have any guests but broadcasted the ceremony so their friends and family could attend their beautiful day. If you dream of an elopement like this, in Venice or elsewhere in Europe, don’t worry for your loved ones; technology will be your best friend.

Elopement outfits
where elegance meets magic

The bride’s look fits exactly the soothing aesthetic of this Venice elopement. Her simple, flowy A-line bridal gown with a sheer veil and neat hairstyle made her look like a nymph that emerged from the sea to kiss her charming prince. José, on his side, wore a classic three-piece suit, but the fact he chose pastel colors makes him melt perfectly with the ethereal vibe of their Venice elopement, matching the palette of the backdrop.

Being part of José and Fers’ love story was a pleasure. We wish their marriage is blessed with happiness and new adventures.


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