Ashley and Joe’s ethereal Florence elopement

You know when a couple is deeply in love because you notice how they look at each other. It is subtle, but their eyes shine, and their smile grows. This is the case of Ashley and Joe, the protagonists of this whimsical and dreamy elopement in Florence, Tuscany. Every image proves how much they desire to commit to each other, and Love Gracefully is lucky to be a testimonial of this important day.

Pre-elopement photos in Florence

Ashley and Joe traveled from Los Angeles, USA, to Florence, Italy, to say ‘Yes, I do’ because Joe has Italian ancestors and wanted to honor his legacy. And Ashley, as an adventurous woman, couldn’t say no to transforming this special moment into another adventure. That’s why they wanted to make the most of their trip to explore the city while immortalizing their love.

Before the big day, they took time to stroll around Florence and take pre-elopement photos in casual outfits. This is a great idea to get loose and feel more confident during your elopement photoshoot. Ashley and Joe are a fun and artsy couple – they studied to be actors! That’s why they found original photo ideas while aligning the aesthetic with their dream elopement trip.

Ethereal elopement in Florence, the heart of Tuscany

When you notice how much they adore each other, you see why Florence was the obvious choice: the city of Romanticism! They wanted an intimate elopement ceremony with hints of natural and ethereal beauty, just as being in the Garden of Eden. And indeed, they managed to travel to paradise during their Florence elopement day.

Just appreciate Ashley’s stunning outfit: a simple yet classy deep V-neck mermaid dress with an intricate but loose hairstyle makes her look like a Roman goddess waiting for his hero to kiss her. And Joe looks the part as well, with a classic Italian black suit.

Ashley’s bouquet aligned greatly with the overall aesthetic, with wisteria and roses, flowers you can typically find in Tuscany, and colors that accompany the idea of paradise and ethereal.

They organized their elopement ceremony in the Villa Bardini Gardens, with impressive views of Florence’s skyline while all the gorgeous flowers were blooming. They both look like mythical characters inside a romantic Roman tale.

The couple also strolled through the city in their groom and bride outfits. But they also used a vintage white car to travel around Florence, adding a sophisticated touch to the event.

Love Gracefully team wants to thank Ashley and Joe for letting them be part of their love story. We wish them the best from now on.


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