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Maybe you’ve seen C&L before, in our Pinterest account , but we’d like to talk a little bit more about this beautiful couple and their elopement in Barcelona last year…

An intimate ceremony

C&L contacted us for the first time asking for a very romantic and intimate elopement in Barcelona, a very special city for them. It was going to be only the two of them… Every time we plan a celebration that intimate is a wonderful challenge for us, to make it their day and their ceremony uniquely special. But we knew exactly how to manage that 🙂

A special wedding requires an even more special setting and location, that’s why we knew immediately that C&L would love to have their wedding at Parc Güell. Yes, exactly, they got married in the middle of the park!

Parc Güell is a magical place to elope or renew your vows… designed by Gaudí, the famous architect, and built between 1900 and 1914, it’s an iconic symbol of the city. Its colorful walls and stairs surrounded by beautiful gardens and houses make it the perfect place to elope.

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The perfect location

We found a secret terrace overlooking the city to celebrate their ceremony, and then went for a walk around the park to get the best photo shoots.

The bride looked simply stunning, her dress, her hair and make up and her infinite smile made the groom feel a knot in his throat all the time… It was very special for us to be a part of their day, help them make it possible and witness their love, tears and complicity. Specially when they shared their own vows… they looked at each other’s eyes and promised to be best friends and lovers for the rest of their lives.

Barcelona has always been one of our favorite places for an elopement or a vow renewal for two main reasons: our talented vendors, like our florists proving us the most beautiful flowers, and the city itself, with such an interesting architecture, public places with amazing views, secret fountains, wonderful beaches and the greatest hotels. You can have an intimate ceremony with one of our multi lingual celebrants and then have a photo and/or video session at the best places of the city with one of our recognized photographers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, and listen to our happy couples testimonials. Can’t wait to see you and your fiancé in sunny Barcelona.

You want something different ?

If you want your blessing ceremony somewhere else, we also work in other locations in Barcelona. To celebrate your destination wedding or your vow renewal, you could choose the Sagrada Familia’ park. Imagine, you, exchanging your blessing vows in front of the Sagrada familia ! It’s possible and we can provide it but due to the huge amount of tourists there, you’ll need to celebrate your wedding ceremony very early in the morning. That’s no later than 8am.

If that’s too early for eloping or renewing your vows, and if you don’t want the crowd, you could choose the Labyrinth park that is not only awesome but very quiet and seems dedicated to the celebration of love. Many brides and groom decide to go there to share their vows.
Would you wish to have your blessings done at the beach, we would not recommend it as the Barcelona beach is always packed with tourist from very early to late at night. Unless you are a real early bird, we would suggest to have your blessing ceremony in one of the three locations we just mentioned and, then, after, go to the beach to have so photos taken of your « just-married » couple.

In all cases, don’t hesitate to listen what couples like have to say about their experience with us by clicking on our youtube channel.

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