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To make things easy for you, we have set up a super user-friendly system that allows you, in one simple action, to choose all 3 elements making your ceremony a successful one : the type of ceremony, its location and the price package.


We have designed 5 different packages to answer your needs. Budget, time dedicated to the ceremony and option services vary from one package to the other. You could like a short or longer ceremony, a photographer and/or a video maker to set this day in stone, or maybe to get around in a vintage or luxury car with chauffeur, … All this is for you to choose ! These packages allow you to make sure you get just the ceremony you dream of.

But whatever format you choose, you will always get our unique celebrant officiating for you, and the beautiful, one-of-a-kind personal ceremony text he will write just for the two of you.

Five different packages

Basic package

This first and simplest option includes the presence of our celebrant in a venue of your choice. Our officiant will write a unique ceremony text to be read for the celebration of your vows.

Silver package

This slightly more elaborated package offers on top of the options included in the Basic package a bouquet of flower and a 1-hour photography shoot. And of course, you still get the personal writing of your ceremony text by our leading officiant.

Gold package

The gold package -one of the most popular we have- is a Silver package plus a photographer for 3 hours and a romantic 2CV car tour, to be celebrated with a bottle of local champagne ! Of course, our dedicated celebrant will lead you all the way to the final kiss, writing a personal tailor-made text for this special occasion.

Diamond package

With this elegant package, you get all the advantages of the Gold package plus a film director. He will follow you throughout the whole ceremony to make sure you get stunning memories of this special day ! Our officiant will make sure the planning of this special event is easy as can be, and will write a personal text, suited to you only for your ceremony.

Infinity package

Get luxurious for this special day with a photographer at your sides during the whole ceremony day, a creative film director and a Limousine with driver to chauffeur you around, sipping a glass of champagne. Our officiant will help you design this unique day, and create a one-of-a-kind ceremony text, just for you.

More options for your celebration

On top of these 5 packages, you also need to select the destination you would love your ceremony to be set in, and of course, the type of ceremony you would like.

With over 300 love vows celebrated at Love Gracefully, we are qualified to guide you through the meanders of planning this special day from afar. Wether you are in for an destination wedding, a surprised proposal, a quiet elopement or a vow renewal, our officiant will pave your way to a blissful ceremony. Fluent in English, our French leading celebrant in Europe, Pierre, is a seasoned officiant. Pierre was the first to celebrate love vows in Paris, and he sure knows how to elaborate a fantastic loving ceremony !