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Celebrating your vows abroad is a unique way to let your love shine against a stunning backdrop. Europe is the continent of romance, home to the greatest love stories of all time and for a reason! Full of history and multi-faceted, amazing locations are plenty and waiting for you.

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At Love Gracefully, we are leaders in celebrating gay and lesbian vows ceremonies all over Europe. We have been adamant that the same-sex marriage law be passed in France, and it was a success!

We know that the Old Continent shelters many romantic locations to welcome your celebration, and the one that you are looking for must be in the list!.

Wether you are going for a vow renewal, a proposal, a destination wedding or an elopement, Europe is the perfect amorous getaway.

Which a history dating back to the Middle Ages, France’s icons are plenty. You can’t miss Paris, of course, its effortlessly cool and romantic capital. Places to celebrate there are perfect to ensure a stunning background for your pictures and videos of this very special day. Notre-Dame cathedral, or this quite famous token from the 1889 World’s Fair called the Eiffel Tower you might have heard of offer stunning backdrops. And the good thing is, we will even be able to provide you with intimate quiet spots just around these buildings.

You might also love to take advantage of this little love trip to soak up the Mediterranean vibes and sun on the beach. Then Sitges (Barcelona) that has been a gay-friendly city since the 1960s, could work wonders for you.

You see, the options are plenty in Europe, and you’ll find a list of them below. Feel free to click on each country to know more about where are the most popular spots we have hosted ceremonies in.

Also, to make things easier for you, we have designed a very unique user-friendly system that enables you, in one simple look, to choose all 3 elements making your ceremony a successful one : the type of ceremony, its location and the price package.

The price of those packages are the same, whatever location you decide to choose in Europe.

So join us here, we will be happy to be at you side for the creation of this leisurely, flowing and magical day you are about to celebrate!