Best symbolic ceremonies in Europe

Love Gracefully Ceremonies

Love Gracefully Elopement ceremony

Elopement ceremonies

Far away from the stress of planning a wedding at home, an elopement ceremony will allow you to enjoy the excitement of a real wedding mixed with the exclusivity of an intimate ceremony that fits your need of a personalized setting as well as customized vows!

Love Gracefully Vow renewals ceremony

Vow renewals

Wether you want to surprise your beloved or you are both preparing your vow renewal ceremony, you will take a significant step in your relationship by declaring once more that you commit yourselves to a love for one another that involves the total giving of yourselves!

Love Gracefully destination wedding ceremony

Destination weddings

The magic of a destination wedding is a mix of European romanticism with an awesome location. Wether you celebrate your vows on a beach, in a garden, on a mountain or in a castle, you’ll feel like a real princess meeting her prince when he’ll say yes to the famous question…

Love Gracefully proposal ceremony


Maybe she expects it, maybe she dreams of it, maybe she has no clue; in all cases you want her to say yes! A proposal is so unique that you want it to be totally perfect. And a trip to Europe is the best moment to ask, for sure! As we say in Europe, a true proposal is the highest form of romanticism…

Love Gracefully gay and lesbian ceremony

Gay & Lesbian

European cities offer plenty of gay and lesbian friendly sites to celebrate your love ! You want to sneak away with your loved one for an elopement ceremony or a surprise proposal ? Then you will love Paris or Barcelona two gay and lesbian friendly cities that conjure images of amorous moments…

Celebrating your love abroad

Celebrating your love abroad is a daring choice. Whether it be for a destination wedding, a unique vow renewal or an original proposal, we can assure you that not only you won’t regret it, but you will remember it as something just as special as you are. You have been to weddings at home, and it can be really nice. But you are here because you would like something else, something new, something fun or original, something creative : a way to make your love shine in a different way !

Love is one of the things in life we like to think of as the most important things to celebrate. Because love has no boundaries, at Love Gracefully, we have happily married couples for almost a decade now in France, in Spain, in Italy and in the mountains of Switzerland.

What we have found is that coming here in Europe and celebrating your wedding wows made this whole love experience an unforgettable one.

Wether you are in for a destination wedding with family or friend, a quite intimate elopement just for the 2 of you, a special vow renewal with you children, or a very romantic proposal : top wedding destination are just waiting for you !

Love Gracefully ceremonies in Rome

A personal vow ceremony designed to look just like you

Celebrating the important moments of life is a meaningful and symbolic experience. But you might want to get out of the bitten celebration tracks? At Love Gracefully this is exactly what we do : we understand the importance of creating a ceremony that look just like you.

Wether it might be a proposal, an elopement ceremonie, a destination wedding ceremonie or a vow renewal ceremonie you are going for, these life changing events and decisions are worth celebrating in a way that reflects your unique relationship.

At Love Gracefully, we are committed to help you create the ceremony you dream of !