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Wedding Photography

We know how hard it is to organize a wedding elopement or a vow renewal, specially if you’re planning it abroad… From finding the perfect location, booking your favorite flower bouquet, hiring a stylist to do your hair and make up…. but what about a professional photographer?
There are lots of couples that don’t think a photographer is needed when eloping, they just want to have something intimate and don’t consider hiring a professional one…. but, even if it’s an elopement or a vow renewal, it will be one of the most important days of your life, and are you sure you don’t want beautiful photographies to remember it forever and share that moment with your friends and loved ones?
We have put together some reasons to convince you about the services of a professional photographer in your day:
1- Memories: for sure that moment will last forever in your minds, but the small details will slowly fade away… The flowers, the background, your faces, that smile… With a photographer capturing all that, you will be able to relive the moment every time you look at the pictures, and you’ll have a great time sharing them with friends and family that weren’t able to attend. Even your future kids will enjoy the pictures of mummy and daddy’s wedding 🙂

2- A professional service: nowadays, trying to find the perfect photographer can be overwhelming, and sometimes couples decide to go with the cheapest and easiest option, or even ask a friend or a family member to take pictures with a smart phone… Having a professional photographer will guarantee you have the pictures you had always dreamt of or expected. You only get one chance to get it right on your wedding day…. And when you have the results you had imagined, it becomes priceless. Moreover, if you decide to have a large copy on some of the pictures, you want to make sure the quality is very high!

3- Discretion: professional photographers know exactly how to work at events where intimacy, romanticism and discretion is very important. That’s why they would take amazing shots without you even noticing… They will plan in advance with the officiant or the wedding planner, to make sure the amount of time they have and will make the most of it while keeping your privacy. The results will be spontaneous, natural and beautiful. A reflection of reality 🙂

4- Enjoyment:
If you decide to hire a photographer for a few hours, that would allow you to enjoy some of the best locations in the city, take some pictures at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, secret streets and gardens… and you’ll have a wonderful wedding album! You can even rent a car to make the most of your time and enjoy to the fullest. Check our packages!
For all these reasons, we have decided to work and partner with some of the best photographers in Paris, to offer you a high quality service, so that you can keep the most wonderful pictures of your elopement or vow renewal. Take a look at our Pinterest
account and see by yourselves what we are talking about.
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