Wedding at the Chapelle Expiatoire, Paris

Love gracefully Chappelle Expiatoire in ParisThis has been yet another exciting summer as Gracefully has been busy all over France and Europe officiating ceremonies.

Even better  though, is seeing the love and joy as couples celebrate their love together. We recently had the honour of joining Alaine and Peter at their wedding ceremony in Paris, France’s Chapelle Expiatoire.

The Expiatory Chapel

The Chapelle expiatoire  is a chapel located in the eighth arrondissement of Paris, France. This chapel is dedicated to King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, although they are formally buried in the Basilica of St Denis.

 About the Chapel

The chapel was designed in 1816 by the French Neo-Classical architect Pierre François Léonard Fontaine, who, with his partner Charles Percier, figured among Napoleon’s favourite architects. Fontaine’s assistant Louis-Hippolyte Lebas oversaw the construction. The chapel was partly constructed on the grounds of the former Madeleine Cemetery, where King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette had been buried after they had been guillotined. King Louis XVIII shared the 3 million livres expense of building the Chapelle expiatoire with the Duchess of Angoulême.

Construction took ten years, and the chapel was inaugurated in 1826 in the presence of Charles X. When he blessed the cornerstone of the Chapelle expiatoire, Hyacinthe-Louis de Quelen, Archbishop of Paris, called in vain for an amnesty of the exiled members of the National Convention.