Sexiest beach destination wedding: Gibraltar, Spain

Want to elope with the sun? Then the sexy Gibraltar is waiting for you

If you are looking for a sunny destination for your ceremony, Gibraltar is your spot: the city is tucked on the Costa del Sol, in the heart of romantic Andalusia, once home to the Moorish knights and kings … Whether you want to elope, to renew your wedding vows, to propose or have a destination wedding, you will love Gibraltar for celebrating your love at the beach!

A southern European ceremony in Gibraltar

With the Mediterranean sea bordering them, Gibraltar is a city for romance : wide-stretched beaches sheltered by the beautiful Sierra Blanca mountains and a dazzling sun but also attractive old towns filled with narrow lanes that host a long history. These are some of the best beach wedding destination in Europe.

A ceremony in Gibraltar

Most couples have elected Gibraltar as their ceremony destination to soak up the sun and the beaches, where you can find plenty of sexy spots for your vows. But if you’d rather find a place in the charming town centers, our celebrant in Gibraltar will be happy to help you select the best-suited one.

Gibraltar is a place where you and your lover can experience a fantastic elopement or vow renewal ceremony, bathed in the Andalusian culture.

Depending on wether you are staying in Gibraltar, Malaga or Marbella, we will help you find a location close to your hotel. Once we know more about who you are and what you wish, we will help you identify the best place for your vow ceremony !

Love Gracefully ceremonies in Malaga

Love Gracefully Ceremonies


The people we work with locally

Although we are specialized in small intimate ceremonies, we also love celebrating big destination weddings. In 10 years of celebrating love in Europe, we have be able to get in touch with reliable vendors. They are great artists and professionals. Depending on what wedding package you want to go for, they may include flowers, a film director, a car or a photographer. In Gibraltar, we know who to call to provide you with the best quality work.

After 10 years of experience and over 300 ceremonies celebrated all over Europe, we know what makes a ceremony successful and what are the traps you want to avoid. We will be here with you all along the way, to answer your questions and meet your every needs !

We will create and celebrate a symbolic ceremony that fits both you and your loved one. You could want an intimate elopement or a big destination wedding or, maybe, a smaller vow renewal ceremony. In all cases, we will respect your choices and desires. Would you need to hear other couples testimonies about their tailor-made ceremony experience with us.

Our unique wedding officiant

Our wedding officiant in Gibraltar has been with us for a long time; Fluent in English and Spanish, he will be the one leading you thru the entire process.

We know that it could be a disheartening mission for you to have to prepare your symbolic vow ceremony from a foreign country. But with our help, you will experience and easy planing ceremony. We will take the time to get to know you and discover your personalities to be able to craft a unique wedding ceremony. Our only wish is that your wedding day in Gibraltar becomes the most memorable one of your life.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you in Gibraltar real soon!

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