Four Reasons and ideas to plan a Vow Renewal

//Four Reasons and ideas to plan a Vow Renewal

Four Reasons and ideas to plan a Vow Renewal


There are many reasons for renewing your vows and planning a celebration, maybe your wedding day was very stressful, or it wasn’t as intimate as you would have liked…

Whether you want to celebrate 25 years of wonderful marriage or you just want to reaffirm the love and affection that you have for each other, here are some ideas that will help you plan your vow renewal celebration.


Now it’s your chance to make it your own way. Whether you’re looking for architecture and romance in Paris or amazing views and the smell of the ocean in the French Riviera, here in France you can choose from a wide range of locations to make it the way you always wanted, and only be the two of you or have your closest family and friends. It would be a great experience for them to be able to share this special moment with you and moreover, explore a whole new city!


Set the child that you have inside free… Wear that pink dress that you always dreamt of, a flower crown, a huge bouquet of flowers or whatever you feel like. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do on your day. Be the bride you really wanted to be.


They are the most special people in your life, you can’t even remember how things were before they arrived and of course, you can’t imagine life without them. Let them be a part of this day… If they are young they can take care of the rings or be the flower girls, and if they are teenagers or adults, they can give you away, stand by you during the ceremony and even give a speech.


The first time you walked down the aisle, you both just repeated the traditional vows… Now it’s the time to have fun with it!! Tell your own story, make your guests laugh or cry, remembering how he was late on your wedding day, how nervous you were when you found out you were pregnant or whichever funny stories you’d like to share. Surprise you husband or wife bringing out those memories and you’ll have the ceremony of your lifetime.
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At Love Gracefully we can help you plan your Vow Renewal ceremony and make it special for both of you and your guests . Contact us and do not hesitate to ask anything! We are here to help you all the way.

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