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Here at Love Gracefully, we believe that ceremonies are the most important part of weddings… There is nothing more sacred and emotional than True Love, and ceremonies create the time and space to allow that and allow others to experience the deep emotions that flow from them…

While officiating weddings, our celebrants always step back while the bride and the groom share their personal vows with each other (our favorite part), and they have the opportunity to listen and appreciate the love, affection, compassion, tenderness and hundreds of feelings that arise at that precise moment. It’s always so moving to look at them and look out over the guests (in case there are some) and appreciate their response and attention to the couple.

Sometimes, eventhough it’s that same day when we meet the couple in person for the first time, we have to wipe our own tears!

So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are willing to celebrate a romantic, intimate and customized ceremony for your elopement or vow renewal here in France. Our celebrants and photographers will make it last forever in your hearts and memories.

Merci et à bientôt!!

Love Gracefully Team

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