Celebrant Pierre Therond explains how to choose a celebrant

Celebrant Pierre Therond explains how to choose a celebrant

Bonjour and welcome to France. My name is Pierre. I am the founder of Love Gracefully and you’re a couple that is planning to come to France to celebrate your love, whether it’s with an elopement, a big wedding or a renewal of vowel ceremony, you’re looking for a celebrant and you don’t know how to choose one.


You went on internet and you have seen different offers and you may be a bit skeptical. You know, there are different offers that all look good, but who to trust? Well, you’re right. Be careful. There are a lot of clowns out there. I even heard a story about this guy that supposedly was speaking English, at least on paper, but when he arrived for the ceremony, he wasn’t. And this other guy who was a comedian and he got a role the day before and of course he went to do the shooting in the movie and he didn’t show up for the ceremony.


So, my first advice would be to avoid any low cost offer. Low cost means trouble. Then, second advice would be, try to avoid third party. You know, you want to get in contact directly with the celebrant that you choose. Third advice, once you are in contact on the telephone or on Skype with that celebrant, follow your gut. You know, have a feeling for the guy and follow your intuition. It’s your best guide.


And then, once you speak with him, try to see what he says. Like, he’s going to tell you that he’s doing personalized ceremonies, well how personalized is the ceremony that he’s doing? Is it just changing the name on top of the page that could be personalized? No, personalized means that he writes a text just for you with your stories, with your values, with your beliefs.


And last, but not least, while you are in France, why take a celebrant or an officiant that is American or British? I have nothing against them, but it’s more exotic, you are in France. Why not take an officiant or celebrant that speaks French? It adds to the romanticism. So, voila.


I can give you even more advice. Feel free to contact me. I am the founder and the director of Love Gracefully and you can watch all the testimonies of couples like you that have experienced their ceremony with me on our YouTube channel. So, voila, I look forward to hearing from whether it’s by email, telephone or Skype. Merci. Au revoir.

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