About French Celebrant Pierre Therond

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Love Gracefully: Celebrants in Europe

For your once-in-a-lifetime perfect day, what more perfect setting could there be than Europe, and its exquisite range of romantic cities and locations ?

It’s easy to worry that celebrating your ceremony (or proposal) in Europe will involve overwhelming amounts of planning.

From arranging the ceremony, to finding a perfect location and making sure you get photo memories of that special day is a lot of stress. Organising all this from abroad can look even more scary. Your best option is then to leave it up to a professional, so that you can only focus on having the best day of your life. And there we are !

Our celebrants are professional caring people who will lead you throughout the whole planing, wether it be for your vow renewal, destination wedding, proposal or elopement. They will be here from the beginning of our “journey” together, being in close touch with you through email, phone calls and Skype sessions. We want to know you, and we want to be able to picture with you your dreamlike celebration day, so that you will get just this !

Fluent both in English and in French, Spanish or Italian, they also are natives and will thus be able to guide you through the meanders of finding a perfect location and arranging all the details of this ceremony from afar.

The Leading Celebrant in Europe :

Pierre Therond

Pierre Thérond is the leading celebrant in Europe. A celebrant (or officiant) is someone who officiates at any form of services : vow renewal, proposal, elopement or destination wedding. Pierre is the creative mind behind Love Gracefully, an organisation who have helped hundreds of couples celebrate their wedding day in Europe. Love Gracefully have gained plaudits for their brilliant ceremonies, and the way in which they work with the utmost diligence to make each ceremony unique to the couples who make use of their superb services. Have a look at some testimonials here, and feel free to visit our Youtube channel as well.

Pierre and his team will help you piece together the ceremony you wish for, and in any location. Check out the packages and locations that are available on our website, but let them simply be the inspiration for your own thoughts and wishes. You can contact Pierre to discuss all of your requirements, and in depth. Be assured that Pierre and his team will cater for your needs, no matter what it is you are seeking to arrange, and where you wish it to happen.

Pierre is based in Paris but travels all over Europe. He will not let distance come in the way of tailoring a ceremony that is perfect for you and will arrange video chats so you can talk to him face-to-face. He will also take you through every aspects of your special day, from choosing the perfect venue to writing your vows. Pierre of course speaks perfect English, so neither is language a potential barrier!

If you’re considering such a once-in-a-lifetime event, and are looking for a celebrant or an officiant in France, or a wedding celebrant in Europe, Pierre Thérond and his specialists team are the ones you are looking for.